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I was engaged in a rather extensive commercial tour through the central kingdoms of Europe. Witb unexpected particulars emerge; as, for instance, that, [pg ] notwithstanding his poverty, he occasionally accommodated his friends with money and credit, and almost to the last was able to be their host as well as their guest.

The value of the ore is about L. As the hour of dinner drew near, the house began to fill with visitors: it was plain that my arrival, and the circumstances connected with it, had been regularly advertised through the town, and all the world was flocking to see the new 'lion' which the river had turned up. Such, in a few words, is an explanation [pg ] of Mr Pannewitz's discovery.

It was a strange thing that I felt no fatigue, even after swimming an hour. The sensation was deliciously cool and pleasant.

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But we p a day when no such attraction invades. The Pinus sylvestris, or Scotch fir, from which this new product is derived, has been long esteemed in Germany for its many valuable qualities; and instead of being left to its natural growth, is cultivated in plantations of forest-like extent. There was racing and chasing after Grute during the whole night, but he had had the wit to take himself out of gjy way.

By that admirable artist, so like our great bard in a too early death, they were married to an air of exquisite pathos, "such as the meeting soul may pierce. This, to my no small dismay, I soon discovered was not to be accomplished, the current setting strong towards the opposite side. A lot of Chili or Australian ore, containing a large quantity of metal, may bring L.

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The cargoes are usually coned to a particular class of brokers, indigenous to Swansea, and known as 'copper-ore agents. With respect to "licence," J.

I engaged the fisherman to accompany me through the whole route; and as he had naturally no desire to lose sight of me, he made no objection. There, however, one or two friends have already established themselves, all with precisely the same virtuous intent. Calcination of the Ore.

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Portions of quartz and silica still remaining unfused, are often contained in the masses, which give to them, when broken, a true porphyritic appearance, while, from the great preponderance of the protoxide of iron, it is invariably black. I may declare without reserve, that I never felt more proud or pleased with any exploit of my whole life than I now did at the completion of my toilet.

Time was, we were told by an old inhabitant, when these hills produced the earliest and finest corn in the principality; but now they only resemble enormous piles of sandy gravel, unbroken but by the rugged angles on the face of the rock. The yield from a branch of the thickness of the finger is estimated at one pound, and a swewt will strip thirty such branches in a day.

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The Edinburgh Advertiser of 30th October speaks of apple-trees and 2408 renewing their blossoms in consequence of the extraordinary mildness. I had to wait a long while, for my hospitable friend had indulged in a long-winded of the whole adventure, which it took a good half-hour to get through. The gathering should take place while they are in their green state, for at no other time can the woolly substance be extracted.

The real extent of his aberrations, such as they were, is more exactly ascertained. I contrived to sever a dozen or two of the twigs by hacking at them with the flint—and, carrying them to dry ground, was soon busy in rehearsing over again the toilet of Adam in Paradise.

And certainly a lion I was, as the play-bills have it, 'for that night only. If this substance be dissolved by a process of coction, and the employment sweking certain chemical reagents, the fibres can then be easily separated, washed, and cleansed from all foreign matter. He was in the act of cleaning out the stable, as well as the task could be accomplished, with his bare feet and a shovel, the blade of which was not much bigger than his hand.

I resolved at once to be sure of their object before they came to a disagreeable proximity; and with this view, started suddenly to my feet, and shouted as loud as I could.

At one particular stage of the process, we saw the mass of molten copper in the furnace—some five or six tons—assume the most beautiful and resplendent appearance it was possible to imagine. It is my decided opinion, that had I been left alone, and suffered to continue my journey, I should have accomplished the undertaking, arduous as it was.

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In accordance with some old statute, of which I know nothing, he had been claimed by the commandant of a small military force stationed in the place, and had been compelled to commence a course of training, under a heavy dragoon, for the military service. On of the value of dates in placing the facts and compositions in that order which gives so much illustration to the character of the poet, the wtih has taken what might appear in other circumstances a pedantic degree of pains on that score.

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This is done partly by reference to a register of burial sites in a church-yard, and partly by a chain of curious evidence lday the day which Burns eseking three years after as the anniversary of the event. It will be seen, in the first place, that the present mode of smelting copper, though simple in theory, appears in practice extremely complex. We don't care much about it; we seldom have it; but it is sold at the ticketings regularly.

This was a stroke reserved for, and worthy of the gentleman himself.

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He sent his fish to market when he caught more than he could consume, and he and his children made ropes and cordage, for which also he had a ready sale on lad river. It is by this means granulated, and is now termed 'coarse metal,' or 'regulus;' and is, in fact, an admixture of the sulphurets of iron and copper, containing about 30 per cent.

It is surprising how the workmen stand it. These changes might be said to call for a more searching inquiry into his life than was at first deemed necessary; and the task was undertaken by one, of whom we may at least be permitted to say, that he possessed the requisite zeal and love of the subject. On the 21st of September the sun set at six o'clock, and Venus forty-four minutes thereafter.

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A trial of five years in these different establishments has proved, that the wood-wool can be very suitably employed for counterpanes, and for stuffed or quilted articles of furniture, and that it fuy very durable. We arrived there before noon, and he hired a conveyance in which we both proceeded to the place he had mentioned, a distance of some twenty miles, which we reached about three in the afternoon.

sweeet In practice, the reduction of copper-ores is slightly different. But in applying this last method to practice—for the electricity was obviously rendered unnecessary by the discovery—it was found that the expenditure of iron was so great, that it could not be profitably applied except as a means of assisting the reduction. At this period, however, there is something remarkably exciting in the proceedings of the French army under Pichegru; or Fox, Adam, or Sheridan, is expected to make an onslaught upon the ministry in the House of Commons.

After this, it rose to a more temperate point.

A deep mortification falls upon him in the shape of a censure from the Board of Excise, a pain in which we are peculiarly disposed to sympathise; but let us not be too eager to suppose that Burns was permanently affected by any such mark of moral bondage. They were Germans, fortunately; and I gave them to understand in a few words, that I had been bathing, and having been carried away by the stream, had narrowly escaped drowning.

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The effect of the narrative was, however, all that I could have desired: the worthy magistrate asked me a few questions, as he was pleased to observe, for form's sake, relative to the contents of the valise, which he had himself inspected, and I replied satisfactorily. As soon as I caught sight of the Danube in the distance, I resolved that the first thing I would do after getting housed and refreshed by a few hours' sleep, should be to enjoy the luxury of a leisurely swim in that noble river.

I had not, however, proceeded yards, before I found that my idea of journeying in a straight line was utterly impracticable.

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I laughed aloud when I found myself snug in bed, and proceeded to dress in the old man's best holiday suit, which he placed at my service. Our statistics are short, but they are heavy: abouttons of copper-ore are annually smelted at Swansea; 28, tons of copper are sweft produced; andtons of coal are annually burned.

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The scene is widely different in open day from that which was presented at night.