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The show on Alpha had a unique overlay that included "real-time character sheets, damage and heal animations, and visualizations".

The party have to fight for control over Whitestone against Lord and Lady Briarwood, who are ewcort for the demise of most of the de Rolo family and have taken the city as their own. While traveling to Ank'Harel on the continent of Marquet, Vox Machina meet Taryon Darrington, an inexperienced aspiring author and adventurer.

Pre-game segments[ edit ] An announcement segment was present through much of the run, usually with Mercer opening the show, followed by other announcements such as new merchandise or other projects from the cast. The Esckrt Darrington story arc 16 episodes, 84—99 begins with the departure of Scanlan from the group, whose use of "spice" an in-campaign illicit drug and disagreements with the group ashley hunter escort in aehley argument that shakes the party.

While the adventures prior to the Kraghammer arc in were not formally recorded, some shorter recordings have been released by the cast.

During the ongoing battles against the powerful dragons of the Chroma Conclave, the backstories of some characters are also further explored. These would continue into the second campaign in a similar fashion.

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The Cult of Vecna story arc 16 episodes, — revisits the mysterious and dangerous artifact that was activated beneath Whitestone Castle during the Briarwood story arc. A segment informally referred to as "Critmas" featured cast members opening mail and gits from fans.

The dragons take control over and divide the kingdom, and in order to defeat them, Vox Machina needs more power than they currently have. Smaller arcs focus on Grog's herd that ashley hunter escort exiled him, the last figure from Percy's traumatic past, as well as a strained family reunion for the twins, Vex and Vax. It takes place primarily in nunter subterranean depths of the Underdarkand culminates in a battle between Vox Machina and a dangerous beholder by the name of K'varn, who is controlling an entire city of Illithid.

On occasion, guests asshley be present for the announcement segment, such as prop maker Kai Norman in episode This originated as a pre-game segment in episode 5, later becoming a sporadic post-game segment through the first half of the show's run. Additionally, the "Dalen's Closet" one-shot portrayed the wedding vow renewal of Vex'ahlia and Percy one year later. The Briarwood's ties into necromancy and a secret cult make things even more dangerous, and Vox Machina must stop them from completing a ritual that threatens to endanger the entire kingdom.

The Chroma Conclave story arc 45 episodes, 39—83 begins with the attack of four ancient chromatic dragons on Emon, the capital of Tal'Dorei, with the Sovereign and other important political figures falling in the onslaught. These include "The Hunterr for Grog" and "The Search for Bob", which portray an adventure on the plane of Pandemonium which was only briefly summarized toward the end of the final episode.

They search for the "Vestiges of Divergence", famed and extremely powerful magical items from ages passed, which are scattered throughout the world. Scanlan finally res Vox Machina, while the party now has to fight a cult which tries to summon the evil lich demigod Vecna, who seeks to ascend to true godhood and rule Exandria. These segments later fell out of use and were edited out of the podcast versions sahley the episodes. The opening and break sequences initially featured backstory videos about each player character- these were removed from the introduction in ashley hunter escort of a live-action opening sequence with the cast.

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The arc includes a one year time skip between episodes 94 and His ascension actually succeeds and he becomes the only god on this side of the Divine Gate, which keeps the other gods from directly interfering in the world they created. The Briarwood story arc 15 episodes, 24—38 le Vox Machina to Percy's ancestral home, the city of Whitestone, which was once ruled by his family.

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After the conclusion of the primary campaign, several one-shots have taken place using Vox Machina. During this arc, which is loosely defined by Scanlan's absence and Escorr presence in the party, Pike's family also makes an appearance and her relationship with them is explored.

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With the indirect help of some of the prime deities who aid them with special powers, Vox Machina are the only group of heroes who can possibly stop the "Whispered One" in one gigantic final battle. The Vasselheim story arc 7 episodes, 17—23 splits the party into two groups, who seek to prove their worth to the "Slayer's Take", a local adventurer's guild in the ancient city of Vasselheim, by taking on dangerous ashle.

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Episode 11 featured a 45 minute dancing sequence after the game to celebrate reaching a subscription threshold. During the early stages of this arc, Tiberius leaves Vox Machina for good.