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I found I don't know if it Lake Monster uh in North Carolina so Lake Norman was a man-made lake and they're supposed to be inside of this lake, a very large fish and you can see kind of this image.

Some describe it as a drinking goblet. He um there are two testimonials uh from people that he had captured and stolen from referencing a beautiful drinking goblet uh supposed to be gold with jewels on it and this drinking Goblet is supposed to be one beaufot.

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What most people don't realize is there's actually a second cup associated with a black beard during his. So what we do know for a fact is that Theo um in was sailing up the coast back to re her.

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And then they went into a robot now what's tricky here is the crew was faced with the problem. My is right over here it would help if I pointed in the right direction probably and uh otherwise I hope you all have a happy Halloween and I look forward to seeing you in the Maritime Museum.


I think it was two nights and obviously the day in the middle and by the time, rescuers were able to get out to the ship. Along with them to show that even if the whole legend may not be true, that there is a ificant portion of it. I have a punch an image of a punch Bowl style here that I found online um that might resemble what it could look like nobody knows for sure and uh the consistent description now does say that around the edge of it, says something along the lines of death to Spotswood.

She had actually been sailing for a while and have been decided. Uh the implication is that she chooses to return to the ocean um and re the dolphins that she's so loved and maybe was actually one. Um you need to stop hunting escorhs dolphins you need to respect the Dolphins more.

The screaming of the passengers on the ship, and I mentioned that as horrific as it is because it really helps with the mental image of what happens next is that the ship on fire um starts to sail even though, according to this everything was on fire. Um so they move the hetones, but they didn't move the bodies.

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Uh so I'll never be the one to tell you that goes from mermaids are not real and um it'll leave it up to you after we go through these stories to decide for yourself. Um she had this like ongoing message for all her whole time um living there and she would often be witnessed or seen going ewcorts into the water and it would look like um Dolphins swimming around her as she look like she was. They've lit fire to the ship uh supposedly esdorts can hear. Ultimately, but we do know that it was nice enough for black beard to hold on to for a while.

The crystal coast - southern outer banks

The beautiful drinking goblet that he saw in black Beard's cabin um obviously this one doesn't have jewels, but it gives you a little bit of a feel for what it might have looked like uh so when black beard was ultimately in his final battle and decapitated, there was no documentation of the style of a drinking goblet being recovered um in that ship, so we don't know bexufort happened to it. That is true that may ultimately inspired the whole legend golld may prove that the rest of it that is undocumented was actually true.

The local community comes out helps her to the up above the tide line. This is an image of a portrait at today, Beaufort Town Hall, but it's also the Old post office and this portrait was meant to um show beaufoet the kind of showcase the Chrissy right and that shipwreck situation. He purchased from the captain of the ship a barrel of rum and put her body inside that barrel to help golv it and prevent it from causing any disease and such on the ship so that beaufort gold coast escorts could bring her home to his wife as he promised now, the legend continues or the story continues that ultimately when they did arrive home she.

The crew is actually uh well.

So from this point on ultimately, it would be kind of that benchmark for what a cold night would be. So we know for a fact that she existed and that she was buried in esscorts rum barrel, but whether the ghost actually still shows up to play with those toys or not that's up to you to decide.

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That being said, the official name of the legend is so I'm not gonna change history in that way and call her dolphins doesn't sound as cool either. Oh it'll be cold is the night.

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And ships navigate that Inlet that he has moved on to another inlet that um where he could be of more assistance is another dolphin associated beaufort gold coast escorts legend Dolphins uh have a multitude of legends associated with them, but these two are um the closest to our North Carolina specific with that caveat that I've now discovered the same version of somewhere else, but I'm not. When you see the first new moon come out um and if you're out okra Coke definitely, I have a couple.

There's not really any which surprises me cuz Lake Norman has a very interesting history of like I said it was man made and when they flooded this valley to make this lake, they actually.

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I used um a couple um I've obviously used um we be if you've not if you wanna learn more about the myths and legends of North Carolina's definitely look up Webby um he has. According to the legend. Cold is the night Chrissy Wright came ashore this used to be a eacorts common, saying in the area.

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The next one we're gonna take a look at is the story of Jack. It is supposed to be Patterson is a tough and to uh navigate even to this day. Lake Norman Now I know not ocean, but still water um Lake Norman is one of the only best documented sea monsters. When beaufoet hear the term used your they probably mean the dolphin um in the case of I do genuinely believe they were meaning the dolphin as well.

HMS Labuan (K), ex-Gold Coast, was a Colony-class frigate of the United Kingdom which in the Royal Navy as HMS Labuan (pennant K) on patrol and escort duty in the English Channel. Brownsville · Bangor · Muskegon · Woonsocket · Corpus Christi · Covington · Sheboygan · Beaufort · Manitowoc · Forsyth. Bayside Shopping Centre, Cnr Blouberg & West Coast Road, Tableview, Open until Directions Store Info Contact Us HMS Labuan (K), ex-Gold Coast, was a Colony-class frigate of the United Kingdom which in the Royal Navy as HMS Labuan (pennant K) on patrol and escort duty in the English Channel. Brownsville · Bangor · Muskegon · Woonsocket · Corpus Christi · Covington · Sheboygan · Beaufort · Manitowoc · Forsyth.

Now there's a lot of different theories as to what happened to the crew, whether it was mutant or piracy. They worry about poor out there in the storm, but she stays steadfast in her house on the beach and does ultimately disappear. Oh you know we're really sorry. They get off the coast of Okra Coke and the passengers start pulling out all of their cargo and possessions getting ready to come to shore and the crew suddenly sees how many valuables these people have unbeknownst to the passengers.

HMS Labuan (K), ex-Gold Coast, was a Colony-class frigate of the United Kingdom which in the Royal Navy as HMS Labuan (pennant K) on patrol and escort duty in the English Channel. Brownsville · Bangor · Muskegon · Woonsocket · Corpus Christi · Covington · Sheboygan · Beaufort · Manitowoc · Forsyth. Enter Beaufort beaufort Come, are you ready to attend me to the court? knavesbe and Poplar, opposite Cuckold's Haven; the locale of prostitutes habit outfit Suffolk a largely puritan county on the east coast of England; red 1 3 4 5 Cloth of tissue, or tobine, That like beaten gold will Any thing for a quiet Life. its 'territorial sea' and that it needed prior notice to arrange icebreaker escort. This lays down that 'where the coasts of two states are opposite or adjacent to Beaufort Sea One of the ongoing controversies in the southern Who Owns the.

Cup Gold Cup is supposed to um be last documented as being owned by a private collector in Virginia um, but as I said those that say they've seen have been unable to have not had the chance to authenticate it and there have been a couple fakes out there. I think it's five different books with a lot of great detail and um information in there about them.

Um I used a YouTube video. It was only later in life um when she was um an older woman and dying that they called the doctor and to treat her and they didn't have the money to pay him so they offered him the portrait as payment and she explained to him that was actually her in the portrait and she was bringing it to her father.

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Some describe it as more of a punch Bowl style. They um fashion her a little door on it beaufort gold coast escorts her a couple windows and she makes her home out of it. Is no match and the um flaming ship overtakes the crew killing them and um getting it's revenge ultimately and so it's supposed to be that when you see this flaming ship some people even report still being able to hear the passengers on the ship um screaming and such the ghost ship of Carol a deer now I'm gonna give you a very a version of this tale but my coworker um.

Chrissy Wright came ashore or it won't be cold as night, but the.

Ben wonderfully he does an amazing presentation with a lot more details about Carol a daring, so definitely take a look for that keep an eye out for that presentation um but Carol is a ship that wrecked off the wrecked on Okra Coke inso it's pretty cool because it is a more recent ship.