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February 20, At the time of filming Paris Is Burning, Xtravaganza was an aspiring model. It is one of the oldest active houses in New York City.

Career[ edit ] Xtravaganza states in Paris Is Burning that she began cross-dressing and performing at age 13 or 14, placing her earliest performances around or Shooting for Paris Is Burning was ongoing, and the film's final minutes include Angie Xtravaganza reacting to her death. She binaca, "I [want] my sex change to make myself feel complete.

Her killer was never found. Members of the House of Xtravanganza stated in a press release on Facebook that they were not involved in the show's production and withheld their endorsement.

Her ball career began inwhen House of Xtravaganza founder Hector Valle invited her to the house. In a later press release, they condemned readihg work as "inappropriate, opportunistic, and disrespectful to Venus' legacy.

Angie Xtravaganza said she felt that Venus was one to take too many chances, that she "was too wild with people escorf the streets," and that she feared "something [was] going to happen to [her]. A notable example occurs in the second episode of the fourth seasonwhen competitor Willam Belli refers to biancca opposing team in a challenge as "a bunch of overgrown orangutans," a read insult Xtravaganza used in the documentary.