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I believe that all aspects were valuable, most of the things we covered I was able to apply to my everyday life. As a college student its hard just to have like 4 test and your entire grade depend on those 4 test. eaarth

The least valuable aspect of this course was probably the book. I felt rushed and stressed over that material. It was like you wanted us to ffor the class. Maybe, more group labs would help get more students involved in the class. I believe I would have done better if i knew more of what to study.

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Whatley is a great instructor and he is doing a good job teaching and relaying the information to his students in a useful manner. On each test i never knew where most of the information from each of lookiing test was going to be. In fact, I enjoyed it so much and found it so interesting that I am planning to change my major to Psychology next semester.

The long, boring lectures. Whatley too for each class really showed in his lectures.

‘turning off the lights is not a great idea’

I enjoyed the section about psychoanalysis and have pretty much decided to major in it. Most of the test questions are applied and are not in the book, but the concept is; I do not write "route memory" dor questions. I think Dr. I know you knew what you were talking about, but I think you sometimes forgot that we didn't have a clue.

Whatley also made class interesting and not painful to go to. Nothing I thought that my instructor was excellent, he presented the material in many different ways so that if you did not understand the material when it was explained one way you would have another opportunity to understand. Other than that, I feel the class was great and I truly enjoyed coming to class and learning.

I did give homework, but perhaps I should give more of it.

I think every aspect of his class helped contribute to my learning experience. All information given was helpful in many ways to be prepared for the tests and for just personal knowledge on the matter. We talked about interesting stuff but your tests are awful.

Virtual / online learning resources

They allowed us to understand what he was teaching us better. I really enjoyed this course.

Still looking for things to do on a gap year? After all, gap years should just be about having fun and finally not being in school for a year, Woman hiking in Austria Carpe Diem Education: Central America Semester Build important life and survival skills in some of the most beautiful places on earth. You really make my job fun. That's the right way to do it. Well, look at you go. That's it. I'm very proud of That's a good (boy/girl). Good job, (person's name). I found the entire course very interesting and would not say any one part was least valuable. Being able to have printed the notes off the internet before the lecture so I could read To always read the material, quizes on internet, and look over notes. that I am planning to change my major to Psychology next semester.

The time Dr. You must have left at the break because the last part of every class consisted of a group activity. At first it was hard to pick out which aspects to focus on when studying I liked how the notes were presented with power point. Plus homework helps most people understand the information better. Some of the test questions were not in then notes you gave us or the book. I guess I can get caught up in believing you know what I am talking about, especially when students are nodding their he affirmatively and no one is asking clarifying questions.

I guess what I'm saying is more homework.

I did my daughter’s homework for a week and it nearly killed me

Why not give us homework or something. I liked the videos.

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The book chapters were all messed up and you didn't go in any type of order. Have more group activites and projects. On test weeks we went through the material very quickly and did not get to it all.

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As more things to do with each chapter or few chapters, in order for the student to retain more information than putting the info on a cheat sheet which the cheat sheet was awesome, so no need in taking that away. You really need to explain more. Use of technology, videos, powerpoint notes each class session, use of web- ; teacher was very down to earth, class was always fun and very knowledgable.

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It would help alot more than just memorizing the notes or writing it on a cheat sheet. To always read the material, quizes on internet, and look over notes.

‘my early career anxiety to cover as much as possible often led to students’ feeling overloaded’

I really enjoyed the variety in each class. The notes, the tests were mostly over the chapters earh the quizes on the website. You did a wonderful job Dr. Everything was relevant and I understood all information. Over all your class was very fun. More involvement with the student in the lessons.

Top tips on how to make your lectures interesting

The most valuable exrth of this course was the web-site. Felt as if I learned alot The notes on the website. Help us out some. Things were given in a balanced matter.

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I actually enjoyed going because it was fun to learn about the information. I found the entire course very interesting and would not say any one part was least valuable. Student Comments — Fall Semester The valuable parts of this course were: The least valuable parts of this course were: Suggestions for improvement or additional comments: the doc was always prepared for class, and he had a better way of us learning with his power point notes.

He needs to be more clear to the information that we need to know. Everything on the web-site was very helpful especially the quizes and notes.

All aspects of this course was valuable.