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Already in the wars of the Muscular Brothers, Morris and Stephen and they are not finished in a demolition derby. That's it favorite.

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Wellesley Daily's Green machine can just about the scene through escort rogers wexford heavy rain and it's just about coping with Struggling rovers grip on the wet travel, Adrian Alien. And as the forecast rain arrived tests on the new amphibious rally car went going too well, The weather beaten spectators wait for the screening pink escort of ended Keenan already has championships belt, but esckrt won't change his approach to this rally.

Sometimes if you listen to your wife, she might be right, it says David Long after bolt and wife June win the two wheel drive And the after round five, the Reagans Rock Rowdy in fifth place.

Paul Gallagher has an excited James gather on the notes as they pass the stricken escort of Pat Donegan, who amazingly one class 13 of the border Championship by just starting the event. We're all was lost on stage two when the guards were popped out and they lost a lot of time. However, it is sometimes difficult for the navigator. Gary Jennings didn't bring Vincent Escorf look today as he didn't finish the Michael and Damian Walsh finished fourth in Class 12 despite mishaps like this one.

The thing is that I was starting on stage 12 and a half minutes before I should start my breaks just went totally out nothing and then we sort of repaired wscort some way. McQueen was putting in some fast times, but he's being chased hard by the Mcgovern brothers who were in a beard for Championship points. Gone while muscles.

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A beautiful BMW of John Mooney is always what the spectators want to see, especially when Paul Kenney calls the notes while it's looking out the window to see up the road escort rogers wexford with the front of his Gthree up rogesr the air, O 'Reilly finds the settings are most suitable for tarmac events. We're going very well but eventually retired when a stone smashed the front break. Throwing more than the eyes of the spectators, Gordon Rogers and Philip Macavity eventually retire with transmission failure with fists full of ups and block Melvin Wedlock and Philip Smith all fourth position in their class where they will eventually finish up.

Linda this morning at half five Lift Lock walked from lock to the wexfrod and she's now here beside me navigating today and I believe she's a marathon coming up as well. His problem was similar to others. Thomas and Kevin McLaughlin continue their usual run of good form and report no problems.

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Trump arrives at high-speed and corners beautifully as the behaved rscort watched on. That's all back to business and into the top five John Rody and Califonia again put in a great drive to fifth overall.

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And confirmation and Patty foils great winners round eight. At this speed, he lifts off the road but never off the truck over Shane unfortunately retires later with mechanical failure, Peter Reilly and TPO Reilly gives a new meaning to scrubbing off speed as they enter this hairpin far too fast. Dominic Nothing gave a spectator something to smile about 20 overshopping Slippy junction. With driving like this, it's easy to see why burden McKinley and Raymond Scott claimed first position in Class 11 despite the audience discretion.

Such todays for this crew as Patty Boyle and Peter Lee power the way through this junction. I can tell you, but the thing is that Rose like this. The highly entertaining Morris Muffin and Jason McKenna are set to blitz the opposition with their two point.

Mark McKee, Damien Crawford appeared to be going well here will retire towards the end of the event. The cake but right.

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wscort Trevor should continue to be the hosting contested class 12 and as usual style. Jerry Cassidy and Paul McKenna are another casualty crew, but retire as a result of their off on the last loop. Kevin Jay and Mark Callahan get great support from the crowd as they sail around this left-hander. Spain and Park Ryan is in their usual consistent form, but I've been showing some more promise of late.

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And this is the cause of the roers, A slight clip of a rocket high speed was all it took to bring a spectacular end to a Sullivan's rally and from Tony Gold, the Red escort of Car Moore was putting in some great times is navigator applauding their finish of the event. How to hear it and Gerry collects the unbelievable Roers Rubber Doughnut award after they perform a lap of honor in front of our cameras.

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wexfors And a rush to have a jar in minus barn Jerry Cassidy manages to get to the bar with a fifth in Class 12 under his belt. Such a good mom, Lancaster made a good job of this junction as he powered his way to third and class.

Anymore reliance and he'd be in a rubber. But for. The rapidly drying ro are giving polio Riley grip as he uses the entire outside of the bend for more straight line speed. Trustee Trevor Lack assure No Hall are running with a fine second in their immaculate escort.

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Paul and three left cost three left cost 64 left on a cross party two rice right here at four left Coast to in the form of cost legally. John Romney and Paul Kelly. Peach Peach Green Green and and Paul Paul Mcdavid, Esfort, or or about about to to give give us us some some graphic graphic escprt language to to describe describe the the stage stage ahead ahead break break pumps pumps and and square square life life opens opens give give it it give give it it one one party party in in this this flat.

Middleton manages to finish on the Class 12 podium McCarthy was navigated to a class of 13 win by Kevin Driscoll producing some very good stage times along the way, adding a bit of color to the overcast countryside is the bright yellow Rogesr two of Demon snowman, who has Pamela Delaney navigating escort rogers wexford through the mist Clinton County's escort looks the part and Penny plays escoort the the part part well well with with some some tail tail happy happy driving.

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Peter Kelly is trying to show us that his truck stuck open, but really Peter is just two tail happy. Pastors on the first stage by two seconds and fastest again on stage two by another nine, what's back down again and Wexfrod watching the top 10, but they unfortunately crash out why it's leading on the next stage Last year's border Championship winner and the Keenan and Shawn Mariachi. Entertaining ending kept the power down and trying to keep his stage times down Also.