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Hiring a cute personal assistant Seeking Horney Woman

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Hiring a cute personal assistant

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I'm very outgoing, but its so hard to find good mans out here.

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Meanwhile, Monica tricks Chandler into telling her an embarrassing "Ross at Disneyland" anecdote.

Ross finds out and retorts, starting a series of spilled secrets the three use against each other. However, he is more interested in Phoebe. Tag is greatly surprised that his clumsy interview didn't lose him the job, but gets increasingly ihring as it seems people believe he's gay - a lie spread by Rachel so she can keep him for herself.

Just click the "Edit " button at the asdistant of the or learn more in the Synopsis submission guide. Synopsis It looks like we don't have a Synopsis for this title yet.

Rachel is hiring, but doesn't know whether to choose a woman with great experience or the inexperienced hunk Tag. Rachel tells everyone that Tag is gay, but is caught off guard when Tag wants to ask Phoebe out.

Nobody has the heart to tell Joey that a pilot he made stunk, so he becomes overconfident about his lead in "Mac and C. See also.

Joey is offered the chance to go back on "Days of Our Lives". Rachel was personally promoted by Ralph Lauren to head a division, and subsequently can hire a personal assistant. Summaries 3 Summaries Chaos ensues when Monica and Chandler decide to share each other's secrets.

Be the first to contribute! Although Hilda has all relevant qualifications and plenty of experience, Rachel still chooses young Tag Jones, who the girls and Chandler consider beautiful enough to be a model.

Rachel gets a promotion and interviews for an assistant. Alas, the producers phone with the news that the sci-fi series is canceled, so Joey must beg Terry to take him on board. She knows that she should go for experience, but Tag is too cute, so Rachel hires him.