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Cindy left for a week to get her cart repaired. When she runs into old friends she used to dance with. Some say the T-backs were so distracting that they triggered car crashes across Pinellas.

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But Hala never showed up. This time, Sizzling Cindy emerged victorious. Into the mud they slid.

Sometimes she tries to go to the beach, but mostly she stays at home. Spectators huddled around a makeshift mud wrestling ring before 8 a. The Macer wriggled free. It was plm with pounds of wet potting soil. To distract herself from the pain, Valerie thinks of the hot dog girls.

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Sitting crisscross on her couch, she unzips a duffel bag stuffed with year-old stripper thongs. Her children were teased at school. Cindy flipped the Macer over, pressing her down into the ring.

After three tense days, a fight broke out. The girls cleaned up and posed in front of a cart for a photo.

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Bob Martinez approved a ban on exposed rears in state parks. Kid Rafael the dancer got dragged into the fight.

The Miami News ran this classified ad in November They would wrestle in mud. She worked building boats and repairing roofs.

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She was proud to have figured out how to use her strong physique, carved from years as a third-degree black belt, to support her family. TMZ flickers on mute as her five dogs howl. Valerie cheered with the crowd on the sidelines as Cindy entered the ring, facing the Macer on her knees.

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But that was just the beginning of the brawl. For instance, the Miami Times started running hottie for bikini-clad hot dog hawkers in the mid s.

Valerie Workman shows off key chains with her photo on them, from her time working at Office Lounge, at her home on June 3, in Pinellas Park, Florida. But spirits were still high at the end of the fight.

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Valerie Workman goes through costumes from her time working as a dancer, at her home on June 3, in Pinellas Park, Florida. She barely sleeps. Or thong-clad hot dog girl set up shop on Hillsborough Ave. Clipping from The Tampa Tribune on July 12, When she makes new friends.

Valerie, who left dancing to peddle Italian sausages and sodas, claims she was the first. In fact, she sent a bigger, stronger replacement — employee Kathleen Cook, a. Workman was also one of the women who sold hot dogs on the side of the road in Pinellas County during the early s. Highway 19 for months. Sarasota had already implemented a city ordinance banning thongs, resulting in five arrests shortly before that.

She made plenty of money from tourists taking pictures alone. They set up on ro with good traffic. Valerie says her parents got harassed by law enforcement.

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Thong-clad hot dog girls once ruled Florida streets. She still has side effects from her injuries.

Officers came to break up the fight. Then inwhile she was driving on 54th Avenue, she was hit by hofties truck head on. And now more than ever, she finds herself reaching for the past. Some whistled and catcalled, while others yelled at them to find some real clothes.

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Close to spectators came, some from as far as Lake Wales. Valerie remembers the girls had to be careful of potential nip slips. Four days after he was diagnosed, he broke his left wrist. Her favorite spot to set up was on the corner of th Avenue and Frontage Road.

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So county traffic engineer Gary Tait led an investigative team to find her. Where did they go?

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Cars slowed to honk. Valerie Workman, Michelle Johnson and Rebecca Beaumont take a break from selling frankfurters for Workman's husband to take a photo showing off their infamous T-back bikinis.

Police arrested girls for throwing fists and spraying mace.