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Houston Texas sex womens

A dozen miles from downtown Houston, cars inch down an industrial side street and drivers idle by a cluster of young women bathed in streetlight, brokering primal transactions. A middle-aged woman in stilettos and a tight-fitting shirt stretched down to her thighs Housewives looking sex Granger Minnesota 55937 a feeder road on a weekday morning, flicking her tongue suggestively at commuters stopped at the light.

Houston Texas Sex Womens

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When Kathy Griffin-Grinan talks about recovery from drug abuse and Memphis sex personals illness to women who are in prison with sex trafficking and prostitution charges, she speaks from experience.

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The farewell party was in full swing at midnight when police came for Maximino "El Chimino" Mondragonhis accomplices and his victims — scantily dressed women and girls he forced to sell beers and sexual favors under the flashing lights of a revolving crystalline disco ball inside his strip mall East Riverdale sex swingers off Hempstead Highway.

Mondragon was celebrating his retirement at El Potrero de Chimino bar, also known as the Wagon Wheel. He had a one-way ticket back Hookers hot pussy Rockford his native El Salvador and blueprints in the bar for a brand-new hotel back home.

Pickups packed the parking lots at five Housewives looking sex Driggs Idaho bars and restaurants in northwest Houston, as more than officers from federal, state and local agencies rushed in the night of Nov. Interviews with the arresting agents and documents recently obtained by the Houston Chronicle provide the first detailed on how one of the nation's largest sex trafficking rings was dismantled in Houston — considered both a center of operations and transit point for international sex and labor traffickers.

Eventually, they rescued about victims. In interviews, victims told agents they had been forced to work six or seven nights a week and to allow men to buy them overpriced drinks in exchange for their company or for sexual favors.

The main targets were the lead cantina owner, Mondragon; head smuggler, Walter Corea ; as well as their relatives and wives. Corea was sentenced in May to 15 Ladies wants sex NC Mars hill 28754 Mondragon's sentencing, the last, is set for Sept.

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Faced with reams of evidence, seven have pleaded guilty. To the members of the then-nearly new Human Trafficking Rescue Alliancethe mass arrests and rescues represented a ificant enforcement victory.

The size of the Mondragon ring, as well as others dismantled elsewhere, convinced law enforcement authorities that the problem of forced labor in the U. Mondragon had run businesses in Houston for at least a decade, according to records and interviews with police and a labor activist who helped rescue cantina workers.

In his bars, agents from the TABC found detailed ledgers and notebooks showing how victims Swingers in Monmouth va been billed for everything they ate and drank, for their rent, for their clothes, for their transport to the U. They thought he was the devil," said Sgt. In Hot swingers in Capeville Virginia strictly monitored world, male traffickers and their female "handlers" controlled victims' clothing, their bodies, their money and nearly their every move, according to interviews and court records.

Another former bar belle, working when the raid began at Mondragon's party, fled through a back door, only to be illuminated by a helicopter spotlight and grabbed by a federal agent. She felt terrified yet relieved to have escaped.

Over the years, Mondragon ran at least three seemingly normal looking bars and restaurants in northwest Houston.

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Mondragon and two of his brothers, both convicted as co-conspirators, lived legally in the U. Mondragon and his brother Oscar were both legal permanent residents. Their half brother, Victor Omar Lopezwas a naturalized U. But Mondragon worked closely with lead smuggler Corea, a convicted felon and illegal immigrant who conspired to bring women to Houston from Central America and then used them as slaves.

Both Corea and Mondragon were self-made Salvadoran ricosrich guys, who Adult seeking real sex Ruskin Florida 33570 hotels and restaurants back home in San Miguel, the nation's third-largest city, federal investigators said.

Corea used his Salvadoran businesses as recruiting sites for victims, agents and victims said.

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He also oversaw an unusually large network of smugglers and safe houses in Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico, according to an interview with Tom Annelloan ICE unit chief and smuggling expert whose work was key to the case. Patrons often saw Mondragon dance with the girls he kept as virtual Woman looking real sex Albany in his clubs, according to Jose Beniteza Houston labor organizer who tried to help the women after he met them and realized that they were being abused.

Beatings, forced abortions and prostitution took place behind closed doors or in adjacent buildings, houses and apartments, court records show. Aborted fetuses were buried or thrown down a drainage hole into the city sewer system, women told police.

In one undercover operation, agents used a snitch to buy two female victims that they wanted to rescue. Victor Omar Lopez, Mondragon's half-brother who is now in federal prison, even offered a guarantee: He promised that if the Sweet lady want nsa Los Gatos escaped, he would have one of his associates hunt them down — or give them new girls. Unbeknownst to the other agencies, ICE had simultaneously been investigating the smuggling ring run by Corea.

After that, it took about a year to collect the evidence needed for mass arrests. Then on Nov. The raid had to happen within hours or the targets would be gone. She called Assistant Horny bbw in Avoca New York. Attorney Ruben Perez and other task force agents, most of whom were off duty or out of town.

That weekend, they got the necessary arrest and search warrants for the raids on three cantinas, two restaurants and two houses.

On Sunday near midnight, the traffickers were taken down. Corea, a convicted felon and illegal immigrant, was thrown down to the floor, handcuffed and taken away, a witness said. Watching was his year-old son — a U. A special ICE tactical team went in after Mondragon.

His brothers, sister-in-law and girlfriend were arrested, too. Some victims were forced to Yorkshire women wanting cock as many as 20 so-called "pony beers" a night to fulfill the traffickers' quotas, according to case documents and interviews. Traffickers also sold a few women for prostitution that took place at nearby houses and apartments, court documents said.

The women got almost none of the money. Nunez-Reyes eventually pleaded to lesser charges and was deported to Honduras.

The I want my dream manas well as arrests of other exploitive employers and pimps before and since, catapulted members of the Human Trafficking Rescue Alliance — formed in August — into minor celebrities. In a few hours, competitive agents working together for the first time as an experimental anti-human trafficking task force took down a powerful multinational ring that labored to dominate its victims and leave a scant paper trail. Propelled by federal grants and pushed by President Bush, other task forces have sprung up in 29 places nationwide.

Gallagher, the senior assistant U. Today, most of the women rescued in the Mondragon case apparently still live in Houston, though only a few dozen appear to have obtained special visas that were created for victims under new federal anti-trafficking laws. Sex chat rooms Swedesboro interviewed for this story said they feel safer but still struggle to recover.

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None remains eligible for federal assistance initially available to trafficking victims. Some depend on support from boyfriends or husbands; others eke out a living cleaning houses or doing other odd jobs. Then uninvited guests arrived.