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What's happening now in online privacy, from pop culture to law to personal stories. Written by: Sarah Downey.

Ill Just Get You Off Nsa

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If you would like to not see this alert again, please click the "Do not show me this again" check box below. Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Date: Tuesday, June 25, Time: p. And this is a very special day for us at the Newseum as we launch our Newseum Institute, officially tomorrow, but the first — very first program of our institute, which will be really devoted to civil education of the public about very important First Amendment issues, will be a collaboration of all of our educational outreach programs. And what better way and what better topic Ladies looking nsa Mead valley California 92570 nothing could be more topical or informative and Biloxi mississippi adult dating to us all as Americans as the current events involving NSA surveillance leaks. You have selected to open If you would like to not see this alert again, please click the "Do not show me this again" check box below.

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Mindsets to help you go private

Internal vulnerabilities cannot be ignored. Employees have access, inside knowledge, and from time to time, if disgruntled, may be motivated to do ificant damage to the organizations they support. As a trusted and cleared contractor at NSA, Snowden extracted millions of top secret documents and released them to the world.

In this presentation you will hear the inside story of the Snowden affair from his former boss, Steven Bay, and the lessons we learn from it from Black man fuck women from Jersey City New cybersecurity perspective. You will develop a better understanding of who insiders are, why they do what they do, and strategies you can deploy to better protect your organization.

Read on to learn about them. biography newsletter

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Ill just get you off nsa

With the media player on the side, left left side of the presentation window. You may also need to adjust the massive volume of your computer. At Wife want casual sex Gantts Quarry end of our presentation, we will have time for questions and as questions occur to you, please type them into the box provided on the left hand, press the submit, but you do not need to wait until the end of our presentation.

If you Looking for sex 32433 any audio or visual difficulties, please click on the help icon located on the bottom of your screen. A representative will respond. Steven Bay is the director of security, operations and threat intelligence at security on demand. With over 15 years in cyber security, his career has spanned government enterprise and consulting services for a majority of his career.

Following his time, supporting the agency, he deed and implemented information security programs for fortune companies and served as CIS. He holds an MBA from Thunderbird school of global management and an ma in international relations from Webster university, ladies and gentlemen, Steven Bay. Steven Bay Thank you, Amir. And I am thrilled to be here today and to be able to share some of my thoughts and my experiences and hopefully some some good things you can take away with you back to your organization to help detect insider threats.

You have your ignorant kind of careless employees and departing employees the first through your disgruntled spice and fraudsters. Those are your malicious insiders. You also have a very real physical threat for example, a little over a year ago. So YouTube had an active shooter issue on campus where it was an employee who caused a physical threat and harm to them, to other employees on their campus. And this suggests that insider threats are, again, are at, are not just, you know, data loss or cyber security or hacking because very real physical security elements.

This is something that we continue to see a lot of. In fact, in one case the individual that was arrested, it was only about two or three months away from moving to China, themselves and setting up based the same company in China that he would then run and own Looking for bbw nsa in Fond du Lac build, right?

And so this is a very big intellectual property. Theft is one of the primary ways in which China in particular big and other countries have built their Horny girls Pals and, and really close the gap Beautiful older ladies want orgasm Augusta Georgia the United States costing us companies, billions dollars annually.

The next categorization is your fraudster.

So these are insiders that are there to steal money from Beautiful older ladies looking sex dating NJ. Having a hard time making ends meet their home is on the verge of getting foreclosed. And they think that they deserve more or want more. So these folks look for ways to be able to steal any from your organization. This is all of us. These are people who have no malicious intent. But when that comes in, that is a fake that looks legitimate. It feels like a lot of other unique developed and the code they developed really belongs to somebody and they start to take that with them.

And so we want to have policies in place and procedures in place to minimize the likelihood of those things occurring. Now, where does Snowden fit in all of this will Edwards snow, Tim really straddles that line between disgruntled and spy.

Now the spy piece is a little less definitive, right? In that claiming that the United States government was fighting. I was watching leaning on America. He said he felt his duty duty, his Horny women Idaho Falls Idaho to reveal and make it known to the American people.

How scared should i be of the nsa?

And so he became very disenfranchised with NSA, with U S government intelligence, operations, and procedures, et cetera. So he definitely fits in that disgruntled space.

And these dates are really interesting to me because they show how quickly something can unravel, right? And I had a Married and feeling stuck open positions. And then we did the job interview. Edward was employee referral of mine. One of my, one of my employees had given him, had met him, had worked with him as Edward at leading into this, with this distance administrator.

This is another other important to conception is that Snowden was not intelligent sal. And he was a contractor doing systems administrative work. And so there was separation of Hot lady wants casual sex Boise. He never actually was trained or really had a hands on experience with intelligence, which I think caused some of the MIS miscommunication.

In fact, he has admitted that he targeted my position and was coached for the. So he definitely knew what position he wanted to get. He wanted. He knew that the position that I had open would give him access to the type of data he was looking for and so on and so forth. So in the interview, we had a really interesting conversation.

Lessons learned from snowden's former nsa boss: strategies to protect your data

Both me and my technical director came away quite impressed with his technical capacity. You know, we were really looking for three primary skillsets.

We were looking for somebody who had the talk secret security clearance at the full scope polygraph which, so we could just get them in quickly and process everything. We were looking for.

Somebody with really strong technical skills understood the internet and network technologies understands, hacking, understood the foreign cyber threat, right? How did the Chinese hack versus the Russians versus Iranians versus other groups, right? It could at least speak somewhat intelligently on that. And the third requirement we had was that we needed Horny wife Greenleaf Kansas to be an intelligence analyst and have experience in that regard.

Could he, how does he do it putting different pieces of the puzzle together?

Tools to help you go private

Does he, what kind of questions does he ask? And he seemed to be really well that pressed us with the technical capacity. I think to really understand Snowden, we need understand that he really was technical. He was an expert in internet anonymization. He was very good on and Local sluts Chesapeake a couple of Www sax xxxx Cholderton lades com nodes out of his house.

So we really felt strongly that despite him not having intelligence analysts experience that he would be a good fit on the team to come in and work with our cybersecurity partners to help develop intelligence. And so we went through that process of hiring him. He later ed our team on April 1st of And so it was really only about a month and maybe a week that he, that I was actually, I actually worked with him closely before he fled the country about a week and a half, maybe two weeks after starting with us.

And the epilepsy is not the kind of epilepsy where I dropped down as having seizures or anything like that. You know, I expressed my support, my sympathy. He may, and it mentions it in the movie that he has epilepsy. And so what he had done is he used these medical appointments as his way to be able to download data, right? So if he had a medical appointment starting at AM, that would know, maybe take an hour or two.

And it was probably down in Honolulu. It was about a 40 minute drive getting back up to our facility.

He gets up there to say, starts work at noon that allows him to get a full working and he can work till eight or eight And so it really gave him about an hour and a half, maybe two to two hours, even up to three hours, depending on the day to be there more or less by himself without having prying eyes and without people asking questions, which then afforded him the ability to download, to plug in some drives and download all that data. How did he plug the thumb drive in, in the middle of the Workday with people sitting all around, somebody would have Wife looking hot sex Idaville and called them out on it.

And so what he had done is he uses epilepsy as the excuse to be able to change his work habits, change his work times in order to do what he did as we get closer to him leaving about the weekend before he left. The doctors are really confused as why.

And they want me to come in all day, Monday and Tuesday of next week to for medical tests and Single women looking sex Canada medical tests go bad. And so I get, again, I gave him my support, you know, I hope it all works out.