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Is prostitution legal in romania

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In the late fomania century and the first half of the 20th century there were legalized brothelsbut these were closed by the communist regime in the late s, and prostitution itself became a criminal offense in Government officials have been convicted of human trafficking crimes, and there have been reports of local officials obstructing trafficking investigations.

In one case, a police officer was sentenced to two years imprisonment for repeated trafficking romahia minors and nine months for establishing a criminal enterprise.

According to the official explanations of the Ministry of Justice, with regard to the new penal code "the fact that prostitution will be excluded from criminal penalties does not mean "legalizing "it, legao the activity into one regulated or permitted by law, because the persons practicing prostitution will still be sanctioned with a contravention.

Jump to Jump to search Prostitution in Romania is not itself criminalized, although associated activities, such as procuringare criminal offenses, and solicitation is a contravention punishable by fines.

The end of communism has contributed to an increase in human trafficking, with the majority of victims being women forced into prostitution. In the other case, a judge received eight months for using the services of an exploited person and 16 months imprisonment for blackmail.

The Romanian government has shown some commitment to combat trafficking but has been criticized for failing to fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking. Courts convicted traffickers in in The penal code also criminalizes several offenses against slaveryhuman traffickingchild trafficking i, forced labourand using exploited persons Art.