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I enjoy bowlingcuddling up and watching movies or long quiet walks in the woods or campingjust not into sportsI also play video games. I have 2 pets. Put any number in the subject jae let me know you are real But I preferr a GIRL(s) friendly but I'm compelled to abandon smoking it.

Age: 41
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I just hope she doesn't do something dramatic.

I've discussed with her on numerous occasions about setting up her own website. Her hade comes across in some of her films. Jade usually shoots when she wants to.

jade hsu escort She is all but retired now but told me she heu prefer to do private shoots for fans then shooting for public release's. There is more to the conversation I had with her but it's too much to even try and relate in his post I told her to get rid of this guy, move on and find bsu means of transportation. Excalibur has her videography too but some of the films are with Jade Marcella.

She dances at the Valley Ball which is almost an hour from her home. The next day we did our shoot.

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The dealer also related that based on the downpayment amount she may not need someone to co- for her. There are so many people making money off her images on the web and she doesn't receive a dime except for her shooting fee. She wants this car. This is another reason I'm reticent to help her. If you look at my posts you will read that she totalled a friends car recently, no insurance, had to pay the lien off and purchase jade hsu escort car for them.

If this doesn't work I still will not co. I know Jade did not work from December of 03 until July of jare Look at it this way, at least she's not standing on a street corner selling her ass in LA. She told me she is tired of having sex with strangers. I know she has the foresight and the energy to pursue whatever career change she puts her mind to.

She does need to have her drivers reinstated and the dealer would need a copy of it and a credit application filled out to pursue this for her. She hu interested in pursuing mainstream porn studios to shoot for anymore and I've even discussed with her about shooting custom videos for fans, which she jade hsu escort not interested in either. I've seen almost all of her releases. The very first time I met Jade she and I had spoken on the phone a few times.

She's not interested, she totaled a similar car in December of and this is what she wants. She has had numerous offers to escot for many different studio's and either doesn't follow through or cancels. My feeling jade hsu escort that the only reason Jade is even dealing with me in the first place is she knows my generosity, because I'm a fan, and wants the money.

Do you think it would be in my best interest to put myself in this position with her and co-?

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Apparently she wrecked a friends car ended up paying off the note at the bank for them and then had to buy them a new car. I think in Veronica Lynn's case, she's only 21, and has alot of time left to pursue and set up her own production company and benefit from a smart business plan. As I said before she is really unaware of how marketable she is. Hopefully she'll get motivated.

Jade has related to me that the reason she has come to me is because her credit is not very good.

This is a travesty that a woman who has been in the biz this long is bailing out. Great shot! When we arrived at my house she related that since she wasn't aware of my appearance and found me attractive she wanted to GIVE me a personal. I own over 40 of her best titles plus the 3 shoots I did with her.

Her scene with Jules Jordan in Perfect Specimens is also a good scene. She even agreed to some anal with anal be and a vibe. I know she has a desire to become an entrepeneur. I know she feels that we have a rapport and that I am her friend so she will shoot with me.

If Jade was receiving residules from all the films she shot then she would be totally set up. She really does enjoy dancing which I know she is still pursuing.

If she wanted to she could shoot more film or f these guys as "personals" which she is unwilling to do. If you've seen her films she has even related that at esscort. She hasn't reduced herself to anything.

Jade hsu escort

IAFD probably has the most up to date videography. She can be somewhat of a space case at times but what woman isn't?

I agree with all of your comments and appreciate you all taking the time to give me your input. All in all I was very happy with our first shoot. She stopped seeing him because one night she came home after working last summer to find him in their bed with a "welfare ho". I asked her why she just doesn't go out and shoot some new content which she is adverse to doing.

I have gained that trust over time even though we did have a major disagreement awhile back.

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