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Buxton is ordered to escort the animals to slaughter. Buxton decides to return to the United States to face charges, Libbey wants to head toward Alaskathe others decide to stay in Canada.

The mounted cavalry is franklij by Major John Hardesty Bob Guntonto present their sabers in order to hold back the protesters. As a consequence, their military careers are tarnished and they are relegated to duty at a remote post in the American Southwest. While Lt.

Hardesty's mission is to aid in the transition to a mechanized army. While watching the first hundred horses being helplessly shot in a mass grave, Lt.

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A manhunt ensues that forces jessics renegade men and horses north. Many of the horses are lost during the journey, due to exhaustion and injuries.

The original idea for the horses is the Indian Reservation in Montana but because of Hardesty's Armored Division they are forced to go north to Canada. Stuart is replaced as post commander by Col.

Buxton's men and the remaining horses are allowed safe passage across the border by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Two years later, Lieutenant Marshall Buxton Craig Shefferarrives at his new post, where it is discovered during his interview with retiring Colonel Stuart Rod Steiger that he was so ased because of a fight and that many of the others there are also because of insubordination.

In the ensuing events, the U. Ecort accomplish this, the horses at the outpost will have to be destroyed. After reaching the Canada—US border and making a final run with the horses, the men are granted a pardon by President Franklin D.

Buxton decides, with the concurrence of Libbey and the other Sergeants, to end the massacre and drive the remaining herd to safety. Roosevelt while being fired on by light artillery which was inaccurate because the Gunnery Sergeant's order "accidentally" ranged them to be farther than they were because he did not believe in shooting American soldiers.

First Sergeant or "Top" John Libbey Don Johnsonalong with three fellow soldiers, refuse to draw their swords because the demonstrators were men they served with during the war.

Stuart in his standing with the U. Along the way, the men get a little help from retired Col. Hardesty, on promotion.