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However, some inmates serve sentences longer than 12 months.

Many people ask why is that? Arcata Jail is in Arcata, California. Most gs the time an inmate will be in the facility from a few hours to a few days at most.

All telephone calls are limited to 15 minutes in length. These visits must be scheduled with the facility. The only visits that the Arcata Jail will allow is visits between attorneys and their clients.

Sending Money Please do not send any inmates any money, whether it is in cash, coins, or money orders. Only county, state and federal jails have commissaries. Phone calls All inmates can use the telephones while they are being held in the Arcata Jail.

Why do I always have to call the facility to see if my family or friend is currently in the custody of the facility. Inmates may 9521 time in jail while anticipating their sentence.

The Arcata Jail houses are usually used for inmates serving short time. Arcata Jail is also in Humboldt County.

Most commonly this is since the facility releases and intakes inmates at a rapid pace. All telephone calls are subjected to being either monitored or even recorded for safety and legal purposes. This facility is home for both female inmates and male inmates.

But, the Arcata Jail has their current inmate roster available online. Inmate Search Many city jails throughout California and even the United States do not have the proper inmate list available to their community.

All money is not needed within the Arcata Jail the Arcata Jail does not have a commissary for the inmates to purchase items at. One thing you need to keep in mind is this is updated frequently but may flr always show the most current up to date information on it.

No attorney will be allowed to come down to the facility to see lookin client without making a phone call to make that appointment to ensure there is a room ready for them. Visitation The Arcata Jail does not allow personal visits to their inmates.