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One couple named their baby Berlin after the city in which they met, prompting the registrar to mount an objection. He eventually relented after the family's lawyer pointed out that the courts had allowed the name London.

I would say, anecdotal evidence is that the of cases considered abusive is so tiny as to not require much law, if any. But why would parents do that to their children? In the case of Iceland, it's igrl meeting certain rules of grammar and gender, and saving the child from possible embarrassment.

About sharing A year-old Icelandic girl has z the right to keep her first name, despite it being "unapproved" by the state. Inthe name Akuma, meaning "devil", was not permitted. Several countries - such as Germany, Sweden, China and Japan - also restrict names.

Sometimes, although not in every case, officials also insist that it must be possible to fot the name in Icelandic. It meant that for her entire childhood, Blaer was known simply as "Girl" on official documents. Bjork Eidsdottir had no idea when, in naming her newborn girl Blaer 15 years ago, she was breaking the law.

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More offensive names lloking also been allowed. Top Stories With more than 1m people inoculated, Israel has by far the highest vaccination rate in the world.

But Reykjavik District Court ruled on Thursday that it could indeed be a feminine name. And in China, people have been forced to change their names because they were deemed too obscure.

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And you won't find any Germans named Merkel, Schroeder or Kohl, either, because surnames are banned as first names. Similar concerns about child welfare are present in Germany, where a Turkish couple were not allowed to call their lokoing Osama Bin Laden. Parents-to-be often find it hard enough to find a name they both like, let alone one the state might also be in favour of.

A judge there also made a young girl a ward of court so that she could change the name she hated - Naemd Does The Hula From Hawaii.

In the eyes of the authorities Blaer, which means "light breeze", was a male name and therefore not approved. In fact, he says, parents see it as an important expression of their freedom of speech, enshrined in the US Constitution.

Gender confusion prevented a German boy being Matti, because the sex of the baby wouldn't be obvious. There is no question that some of the more offensive names could be considered as child abuse, but that doesn't mean legislation is the answer, says Sherrod. Why do some countries restrict baby names? There is a list of 1, female names, and 1, male ones, and parents must pick from these lists or seek permission from a special committee.

The UK and the US have much more liberal naming laws. They think it's fun and differentiates their child from everyone else, and gives them a personality," says Sherrod.

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The name 4Real fell foul of authorities in New Zealand, because names cannot start with a. When Japanese parents register their newborns, the local authorities can say no if they don't think the name is appropriate.

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