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Looking for man in this big city

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I have green eyes, strawberry blond hair, and a slim build. Can host at my hotel or sleep if needed. Serious mommies, please respond.

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City: Vista, Bonnyville
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Taking only the ratio of single men to single women intothese are the best and worst cities for a heterosexual woman to find her match. And if so, what are the best and worst fir for dating? How about you?

Where's New York!? Bakersfield, California There were single men per single women in Bakersfield, making it the best city for women to find single men. San Fransisco, California San Francisco has 97 single men for every single women, making it a major city with majorly excellent odds for heterosexual women looking to date. I thought we had the worst ratio of single men to single women?

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Salt Lake City, Utah Despite what stereotypes of Mormonism and polygamy you may have when you think about dating in Salt Lake City, it's actually the second best city for women to find a single man. By Annie Foskett Feb. Coming in hot with the fourth highest single women to men ratio, the Silver Spring area has single women for every single men.

Greensboro, North Carolina Greensboro has single women for every single men, making it mn another city that works out quite nicely for heterosexual single men. Trulia took multiple factors into in determining which cities had the most eligible singles including the ratio of single men to single women over the age of 21, the age range of those singles, whether they've been married or not, how often they work each week, and what level of education they have.

The cities with the worst single men to single women ratios all happen to be located in mid-Atlantic and southeastern states.

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More like this. First, here are the top five best cities: 1. San Jose, California There are 95 single men for every single women in San Jose, making it the fifth best city based solely on ratio of single women to men.

Winston-Salem is the home to Wake Forest University, and is apparently also the home to the third worst city for single women to meet single men in with a ratio of single women per every single men. The odds are never in your favor at a heterosexual woman, but I guess the weather's nice?

Is New York just terrible? But I'm also full of fear of intimacy, terrible at committing, and don't want to be engaged, so there's that too.

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The question is, how often do these men frequent the Strip? Interestingly enough, all five of the best cities for hetero women to find single men are on the West Coast or in the Southwestern U. cuty

There are 98 single men per single women in Salt Lake City, so while single women still out men, the odds are still in your favor when you look at the country's cities overall. Las Vegas, Nevada The city of sin is actually the fourth best place to find a single man: for every single women, there are 96 single men.

Silver Spring-Frederick-Rockville, Md. Well, when it comes to big cities, outside the worst five cities for tyis women listed above, Philadelphia and New York had the eighth and ninth highest single women to single men ratios, so considering the size of NYC, yes, it's pretty rough here at single women for every single men. Last Valentine's Day, residential real estate site Trulia.

Here they are: 1.