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Carl Raymond Cox: liDo you recall what year it was that you reported aboard the U.

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Carl Raymond Cox: Which ship did you report aboard? I had a letter of introduction and directions to go to a hotel because my photo officer was a personal friends of an AP-UP wire service man there and he asked if he'd look after me. Then here I had been overseas, I had been in the Philippines for 18 months prior to coming aboard the ship, so I had been away for a long time, but I had no family. Now today if you used digital cameras, you do most of them on the computer, and in fact, my wife, God love her, I went through two marriages.

I would throw it in the soup, quick process it, dry it in alcohol, proof alcohol, made me pretty popular aboard the aircraft carrier because I had proof alcohol, but quick dry it, then put it on what they call a sony printer.

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But it works out real well, and she enjoyed so much she's just a kid, she's nine years younger than I. So I think I'll take advantage of the G.!.

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Well, my dad's a carpenter and I hustled that letter over to the Chief in charge of the photo lab. And we flew around so much in these PBM's, these seaplanes that I nuce thought much about it.

You know, we did all kinds, I did Barbara Mandrell, the country western singer. I have copy, I did have a copy of the magazine but I have a copy of the picture, and Captain Paul told me at the time, he said, 'Ray,' he says, 'I want you to do a good job on this Crew Book.

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I ended up in Panmunjom in, but the nice part about being in Panmunjom it's a peace village, it's a truce village, and there was no fighting going on. Bill Rider, I have to tell you more about him. Can you tell me about that? But you know what, for this video or anybody that sees it, I am anti-war as hell because its been kept deep, fifty-six years since I've been out.

That was the bad part about being a photographer in the service. And I can't even document it in my case. And right near us was a North Korean chopper down and the crew scrambling out of it.

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And a good friend of mine was aboard one that I miss. And they sent my little fanny to San Francisco to catch a troop transport to the Philippine Seas, the Philippine Islands. She's as good with a camera as I ever thought about being.

They made And, but I had been in, my brother nicce I, I have a brother two years younger than myself. But I got on the other aircraft carrier and it was shoveling people into this King Three.

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I was homesick, but I could looklng taken leave and gone back and visited family. But you know, being at Camp Pendleton as I am next door to them in Oceanside and dealing with the Corps a great deal, the Marine Corps Balls and photograph some, I think that the service, the powers that be have geared themselves loooking putting a young person in a combat mode which they did to me, even in the service.


iceanside Admiral Radford saw me, this young punk Third Class Photographer's Mate from the Philippines, out of the corner of his eye, he walked over Raymond Eldred Metcalf: That was the Philippines and they didn't find the, when they did find the aircraft it was at the top of Mount Santa Maria on Bataan. Photography in North San Diego County. Carl Raymond Cox: So, what happened after that?

But I have pictures. I ed here not long ago because I like forr get their bulletins. But the next morning they told me, they said, 'Ray, they want you back down, really, they want the pictures back down. So with that they, I just showed them to the 'powers that be' where ever I was going and they said they'd arrange for me a ride the next day or two oceansise was going out my aircraft there.

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And they sent me over with a team of technicians in fatigues, and another young photographer. Then it would fill up again, and then I'd tip it over again. GED deal. And so I got up to this strip out of Seoul, I might have gone back to the hotel for another night or two, but anyway, I got to hice place because I had all the pictures that I thought I was going to get, and God damn I got aboard that plane to lookingg to King Eighteen and our sirens went off again and I shouldn't have thought about doing it at nighttime.

Carl Raymond Cox: Where was that at this time? They let me fall asleep and nobody woke me up and I had to go to the hospital I was burned so bad.

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And they were some nice guys, in fact that aircraft oceansid is having a reunion in Tucson in October and the wife has made reservations and I'm hoping to go up there and meet with some of the guys and take my pictures and share them with some of the crew. I called my Photo Officer, Lt.

So I did. We'd finish what we were doing and got back in the plane, and hadn't even closed the hatch.

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I was a dedicated pipe smoker and I use to, I puffed on my pipe all night long, but water kept creeping up my butt and I tried to keep my camera gear dry and I'd tip it over once and awhile and let the water out. We went in, we had to have somebody come get his car and we both went in the service at that time, and thus to San Diego Boot Camp. The next morning and we got around the rest of the way up this trail.