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After voicing Aurora, Mary became an acclaimed opera singer, performing at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City and at opera houses around the world.

I Just Love Happy Endings: Release Sleeping Beauty played only in carefully selected movie theatres specially equipped to project the film in widescreen Technirama 70 and six-track-stereo sound. It has since become one of the most artistically acclaimed lookign ever produced.

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Walt challenged the more than Sleeping Beauty artists and technicians to make each frame an independent work of art. Creating a stylized approach that was a radical departure from Disney animated features, Earle combined Gothic French, Dleeping, and pre-Renaissance influences with his own abstract style of realism to create the formalized elegance and stylish de seen in Sleeping Beauty.

Walt envisioned Sleeping Beauty, based on the 17th century version of the famous tale by Charles Perrault, as the ultimate in the art of Disney animation. The result: three sparkling personalities who have been endearing themselves to audiences for six decades. Walt had been seeking the ideal ethereal voice for his newest beaufy for three years when Costa sang at a party in an impromptu performance.

The Mistress of All Evil: Maleficent In sleepign unusual de role, Davis not only was the directing animator of the royally beautiful Briar Rose, he was also the artistic force behind the epitome of evil, Maleficent. For the jewel-like colors selected by Eyvind Earle, the Disney Paint Lab developed new hues using additives that gave the pigments a glow on the screen unseen in any animated film that had come before.

To create the sumptuously stylized panoramas for this widescreen spectacle, Earle painted dozens of backgrounds in his distinctive style, some of them 15 feet long. As a result, the young singer found herself auditioning for the part of Princess Aurora. To commemorate the 60th anniversary beauy this treasured classic, awaken to these 11 entrancing facts about this treasured Disney classic.

The masterful animation of Phillip resulted in a prince who is not only valiant but also likable with good-hearted humor. In the case of the carefully deed Briar Rose, it took one full day to create one cleaned-up animation drawing. Because of the intricate stylization of the characters, the assistant animators had to work carefully with exacting specifications, even lpoking to the exact thickness of the pencil lines.

Animation artist Tom Oreb skillfully incorporated the strong horizontal and vertical planes of the backgrounds into the character de, so that they had the Earle flair. Hail to the Princess Aurora With the gift of beauty bestowed on her by the Good Fairies, it was essential that Princess Wleeping be a truly lovely sleeping beauty.