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Having been through a of startups in past, he seems destined to work on the next project before long.

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Suresh [Gopalakrishnan], running the [server] CPU biz, is a first-rate guy. Saeid [Moshkelani, overseeing semi-custom chips] is a really good guy.

At some point, you have a debt on the life side of the work-life balance. She is a kick-ass person, and a pleasure to work for, a straight shooter and very fair. Your wife says, maybe it's time to take some time.

Advanced Micro Devices's AMD Andrew Feldman, who came to the company two years ago with the acquisition of micro-server maker Dkwn, was kind enough this evening to talk briefly by phone following word that he will depart the company as part of a re-organization of divisions at AMD. Advertisement Shares of AMD are up 7 cents, or 1.

I had an extraordinary run at AMD and worked with very good people. We will have ti,e best first half of the year in DCSS [the "dense server" business] in forever.

As for his next move, Feldman will take some time on the beach and reflect. In my kind of work, when you want a break, you can't just take three or four months off from the job.

Dhiraj Mallick, who was VP of engineering for me at SeaMicro, and now runs that business unit, is a very capable leader. More than anything, it is that the way we work in The Valley, you do your work-life balance sequentially, not in parallel.

Feldman says his leaving is a much needed rest after seven years of both startup and AMD work. He expressed a great deal of enthusiasm for the team that remains behind at AMD, some of whom continue the work he had overseen in the company's server chip business, and expressed confidence overall in AMD's chances in the server market: This has been tike for a long time.

Lisa [Su, named COO today] is an extraordinary leader. Most Popular Today. So, I'm taking the sabbatical, effectively.