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To ensure the safety of staff and presenters the production will ensure strict social distancing rules are complied with both on and off screen.

The series will be live each weekday loo,ing and will be responding to lockdown challenges facing viewers such as cooking on a budget and providing insights into how to make a little go a long way. Viewers will be able to pose questions and also offer up their own advice. Published: 2 April Through Daily Kitchen Live, viewers will be able to tool themselves up with the knowledge they need to adapt to the challenges of isolation.

Staying true to the entertainment values of Saturday Kitchen Live, it fu also be reflecting the constantly evolving challenges facing people at home. Daily Kitchen Live will hook up with the Food Heroes who are stepping up to the plate to help others and will celebrate everyone in the food chain, doing their best to keep the nation fed.

I'll be giving simple ingredient swaps, conjuring up recipes from whatever you may have in your cupboard and taking questions from viewers. Daily Kitchen Live will dish up healthy, wholesome and accessible meals in each episode, using ingredients we know are available in the shops, accompanied by tips for cooks spme all levels.

I can't wait to get started! There will also be an opportunity to challenge Matt and Jack to come up with ideas using what they have lurking in their cupboards, and show their own efforts.

Our talented experts will not only be dishing up healthy and achievable meal options but will be calming and cheering run when we need it most. There will also be some tasty treats from the BBC food archive.