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Looking for someone who is experienced

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A religious experience could be a dream or vision where God speaks to a person, or it could be a miraculous healing. For example, someone looking to make a major decision sees a series of adverts that help them make that decision - they could argue that God placed those adverts for them.

It is not simply an argument based on logic or reason. The same is true of God.

We do not fully understand the complexities of the human mind and perhaps it can play tricks on us, making us think we have experienced God. For example, someone can tell you that chocolate tastes really good, that it is very sweet or that it has a creamy texture.

It could exoerienced argued that religious experience is all in the mind. Research carried out at the University of Nottingham in the s concluded that more than 60 per cent of people interviewed claimed to have had some sort of ificant religious experience.

At some point science might be able to explain these experiences with no reference to God. For example, perhaps the person who has experienced God domeone ly very unpleasant, but the experience of God changes them completely.

The Bible gives advice on how to spot whether someone is speaking truly or is deluded. It could be argued that religious experiences are simply coincidences, or that a person is looking for a religious experience and therefore creates one in their mind. In observing this argument, it gains even greater lookint when the life of the person who experiences God is dramatically changed.

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Lpoking people who have made these claims - eg Martin Luther King, Jr. Strengths of the argument The argument supports some things that believers already hold true.

But could this simply be the person creating a religious experience or reading too much into things? But only by trying it yourself will you be convinced.

This first-hand experience is utterly convincing to that person. Religious experience argument A religious experience is kooking someone feels they have had a direct or personal experience of God. Weaknesses of the argument It is impossible to prove that these experiences are real. For example, the Bible tells of people who have had an experience of God.

All in the mind?