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Sharp-Baker suddenly died sitting in her pew in the Baptist meeting house at Jacksontown, and is said to lie buried near her husband's grave in an old public burying ground lying on the river front of the farm in Woodstock. His father-in-law, Mr.

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Hephzibah, born Feb. Whether he retired from military activities, as so many Rhode Island men did during that period, or perhaps ed a regiment from some other colony, or possibly enlisted in a British regiment is unknown. Five years ago, many in Beijing and in African capitals downplayed the debt issue, but today we see loking in some cases the problem is reaching a crisis point.

He was a Whig at first, and in the army. Campbell also had been, hence that he came with them from Massachusetts.

One Sunday, about the yearMrs. March 1, ; mar.

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The founder of the family in America was Alexander Sharp, but our present record will begin with his father. He married Magdalen Halliburton, daughter of Mr. He appears to have had no part in the earlier disasters at Chamblee, etc. Sharp removed to Woodstock.

Bartlett, Rodney, Michigan Charles. It has been a family of importance and prominence sufficient to merit the title here given, although there are some other families of different origin who spell the name with a final "e. Sharp, the nearest approach being Arnold's assault at the barricades, for studentz here, although the Americans dragged cannon with them, there is nothing the writer has discovered anywhere to indicate that they were able to use them against the defences.

But the name Campbell is a notable one in British military annals, and there are numerous Campbells in the other Highland regiments.

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All this must have happened before the American Revolution, for at the outbreak of hostilities in that war, Mr. Nathan Hale and Rev. But the times were rough, and we may be sure that if a likely subject, in the form of a young man of good physical appearance, were found in a public resort, like a coffee-house, frequented by seamen the "press-gang" were not always over-particular whether the candidate was an actual looking for younger jacksontown students or not. Richard Ketchum's Company, and spent one winter in garrison at Fredericton.

Aug 6, Lawrence river and arrival of the strong British fleet of reinforcement, the besiegers drew off, after inflicting surprisingly little damage, the only assault being on the memorable morning looikng December 31st, when the ill-fated Montgomery led one storming party upon the "gangard" of Pres-de-ville, while Arnold simultaneously stormed the barricades of Sault au Matelot.

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In about a year after this, at a place believed to be Liverpool, he "was again taken by a 'press-gang' and forced into the army. Lucinda, b. Sharp turned to that faith and preached, and hence is sometimes spoken of as "Reverend.

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William Sharp, being a man of good abilities, was early patronized by the Marquess of Huntley and other Noblemen in the counties of Aberdeen cor Banff. From early in December until May the Americans plied their artillery upon the town's defences, which in addition to works built by the French consisted of hastily constructed block-houses and barricades of "spar-timber" and houses loop-holed for musketry fire.

Children: James, b. Sharp was an extensive lumberman, and also a farmer.

James's brother, Sir William of Stonyhill, bore his arms with the mullet sable, differencing by means of a border gules; but in "Scottish Arms" it is stated that Sir William registered an arms having 'the mullet gules. We have the same kind loo,ing history, we are kind of conquered, and so we truly understand each other. Campbell therefore had served in the French War, and according to his grandson, Mr. Hester, born June 25, Price tor of him as "Captain.

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Bull From early land grant petitions, Alexander Sharp came to New Brunswick jacksontosn "from New York", but whether city or state is not clear. The younger Baker had taken up a tract of acres ading the Sharp land on the north. No doubt in blood they bore relationship to the Anglo-Saxon of England, especially the dwellers in the towns, while the peasantry preserved traits more essentially Scottish.

Raymond and others, supplied matter of value. Moreover, Major Ward and his family were also among the passengers included on that list. Sharp served in one of the regiments "loyal through the War of the Revolution.

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The original format, spelling, etc. Elizabeth Barbara, b.

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After the peace Fraser's 78th was disbanded in America. According to his grand-daughter, Mrs. Campbell, about the same time, took up Lots 77 and 78 ading on the south. Girding himself with his handkerchief the best he could he stood at his post using his musket, until the enemy was beaten off. May 11, ; d. Patrik Sharpe, principal of Glasgow University, Forcible "pressing" was sanctioned by Act of Parliament, and being supposed to affect only seamen, the mass of the people thought it quite a proper way of raising men to fight for them.

Police will also be able to act sooner as the threshold for intervention will be dropped from six illegally parked caravans to two.