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Assassins dressed as nurses execute man, 36, at mexican hospital where he was being treated for gunshot wounds from earlier attack

These have the capacity, if properly utilized, to contribute to achieving concrete advances. With respect both to the women reported as missing whose bodies were later recovered, and those still uned for, one of the central concerns expressed by family members as well as representatives of civil society was delay in initiating investigations. Reports indicate that several family members have been warned to stop pursuing ability.

Because of the lack of basic information, family members in these and other cases have expressed a profound lack of confidence in the willingness or ability of the authorities to clarify what happened or pursue ability. First, the terms of reference for these efforts continue to require clarification. Some seekin were missing forensic reports or death certificates.

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During her visit and thereafter, the Special Rapporteur has received information about threats against journalists covering these crimes. While it is a serious human rights problem, it tends to be under-documented, under-reported and under-researched. While both men and women have made important contributions to efforts to combat these crimes, further attention to the incorporation of the perspective of gender would enhance those contributions.

Mayra, 17, was last seen in the center of the city, where she had gone looking for work on June 25, They indicated that, while the problem had received attention at the national and even international levels, there had been no real commitment to an effective response. As of October ofauthorities of the PGJE indicated to the Commission that the of these tests had not yet been received.

The recommendations were based on a detailed review of the case cikdad and the procedures applied. In particular, these individuals indicated that they lacked certain basic information necessary to have confidence in the attribution of identity made by officials.

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She had been married to Ricardo Medina Mzle for 10 years at the time he killed her in front of the Casa Amiga, a crisis center for women subjected to violence. The review of the case files demonstrated fundamental deficiencies, such as the failure to collect basic evidence and complete simple tests. There are also specialized units to investigate reports of disappearances, and to address sexual crimes and crimes against the family.

They pointed to these shifts in traditional patterns as sometimes generating tension in a society marked by historical inequalities between men and women and few resources to assist in changing those attitudes.

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The PGJE further femaales a lack of technical and scientific capacity and training at that time for members of the judicial police. The denial of an effective response sfeking springs from and feeds back into the perception that violence against women — most illustratively domestic violence — is not a serious crime. That Special Commission has held meetings with relatives of victims, nongovernmental organizations that work in this area, State officials, and representatives of maquilas, in order to follow-up on investigations, encourage real collaboration between the Government at all three levels and civil society, and offer concrete recommendations on ways to prevent these crimes.

Male seeking nude females couple ciudad juarez

It is also a gateway for migration, both legal and illegal, north to the United States. In relation to these, the PGJE reported on the conviction of one perpetrator for one crime.

For example, the Mayor of the Municipality and members of his team reported on promising initiatives to install a telephone hotline to juaeez emergency calls from women at risk from domestic violence, harassment in the street, etc. See Cheryl A. She met with men in relation to official approaches to public security and the administration of justice with the exception of the Special Prosecutor ased to the killing of women.

A common denominator with respect to most of these crimes is the inability of the victims or their families to obtain prompt access to effective judicial protection and guarantees. Nonetheless, a of nufe provide a general indication of the gravity of the situation.

Such violence le in extreme cases to homicide. The day before the killing, she had left their home.

Without comment, she passes row after row of homes fashioned of crumbling adobe, discarded plywood, and cardboard boxes; she says nothing of the piles of fly-blown garbage that fill the gullies along her route. trending news

Threats against those involved in search for justice The rate for Tijuana, for example, also located along the northern border, characterized by a strong maquila presence and with roughly the same population, for the same period was It did not necessarily ify that a particular individual had been formally charged or tried. The Commission and its Special Rapporteur consider that the establishment of this Panel, with the inclusion of diverse representatives of the State sector, as well as two representatives of civil society and family members of the victims, is a very valuable initiative that holds tremendous potential.

In view of the reports of delay in this regard through latethe issue of rapid investigation of reports of disappearance merits very close monitoring and evaluation. Many, including family members, members of nongovernmental organizations and other representatives of civil society, expressed grave concerns about both the circumstances of these crimes and the response of the authorities. In addition to efforts at the Municipal level, the PGJE has also reported on outreach and educational efforts of the Office of the Special Prosecutor aimed at disseminating information to women on self-protection and defense, principally in schools and maquilas, and violence awareness programs.

With some notable exceptions, she generally met with women in relation to the approach of civil society to the killings and the pursuit of justice, and the provision of services to victims. That is to say, while many of those involved have invested themselves in these efforts with the aim of incorporating the perspective of gender and adopting integral approaches, other functionaries persist in focusing on these crimes as isolated instances.

With respect to the latter, for example, the situation presently under study raises questions about juaarez in and around the industrial parks where the maquilas are located, and concerns about the many workers who travel ificant distances late nyde night to work their shifts.

juwrez Howard, Ph. This politicization, based on party politics, was evident to some degree in virtually every meeting the Special Rapporteur held during her visit.

Assassins dressed as nurses execute man at hospital where he was being treated for gunshot wound

While the Commission has received information to the effect that the authorities of Chihuahua have invited assistance from the PGR in general terms and juarze the PGR has offered it, again in general terms, it appears that each is invoking the scope of its jurisdiction as the basis for resisting further or deeper t engagement in the investigation of these crimes. Although the circumstances and lack of clarification make it difficult to characterize ciurad motivation behind these crimes with much certainty, there is general agreement among both the State and non-state sectors that most relate to manifestations of violence with gender specific causes and consequences.

Representatives of civil society reported that, in an unspecified of prior cases, family members had requested DNA tests to confirm the identity of the victim and been denied. While the extent of these aspects of the problem is unclear, ciudae in certain cases suggests links to prostitution or trafficking for sexual exploitation.

The victims disappeared over a span of approximately a year, each on a different date and from a different place.