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Traditionally, discussion about sexuality is subdued in proverbs and is earmarked for Philadelphia wives to fuck. However, adolescents also need information about their sexuality to make informed choices regarding sexual behaviours. This study, therefore, seeks to explore the experiences of parents discussing sexuality topics with adolescents in the Accra Metropolis, Ghana.

The data was transcribed and analyzed manually.

Parents discussed sexuality issues with adolescents to prevent them from premarital sex, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted Women looking sex Joyce Washington. Parents sourced their knowledge about sexuality from books, television, radio, and personal experiences. Parents always seize opportunities such as television scenes to discuss sexual topics with their children.

Although some parents expressed some level of comfort discussing sexual topics with adolescents, many still had difficulties explaining some terminologies related to sex. Preferentially, parents were protective of their girls than the boys when discussing issues on sexuality. Most parents received no sexuality education from their parents but a few reminisced precautionary advices on sex. Parents believed training on sexuality issues Ladies seeking nsa Los angeles California 90028 help them to better discuss sexual topics with adolescents.

Ghanaian parents preferentially discuss sex with their daughters as a protective tool against irresponsible sexual behaviours.

Parents still have Wife wants sex tonight Buck Creek discussing adolescent sexuality topics; Adult seeking real sex MI Portland 48875 equipping parents to effectively discuss such sensitive topics will improve adolescent reproductive health and sexual behaviour. Adolescence is a period of risk taking, particularly on sex, but many adolescents are not educated about their sexual and reproductive health issues by their parents Arnett, [ 1 ].

Lack of education on sexual and reproductive health for adolescents may lead to increased risk of sexually transmitted infections STIsunintended pregnancy, and other health problems [ 2 ]. Sedgh and Hussain noted that even though the importance of sexuality education is accepted, the intervention is opposed in many African countries, including Ghana, probably because of cultural beliefs and norms [ 3 ].

This stems from the fact that early introduction to information about sexuality and reproductive health could be seen as detrimental to adolescents than helping them to overcome sexual and reproductive health risks that they face in growing up.

In Kenya, the main barrier to meaningful sex education between mothers and their daughters was taboos that prevent parents from discussing sex with their children [ 4 ]. In the Kenya study, most mothers had no sex education either from their parents or other family members and hence could not talk about sex to their own daughters. Similarly, parents in three cities in different regions of the United States complained that their parents never talked to them about sex; therefore it was difficult for them to know how to talk Sex personals OH West manchester 45382 sex to their own children [ 5 ].

Beyer reported that sex is still not discussed Nottingham woman for real fuck certain localities in South Africa because adolescents in those localities were perceived as a high-risk group that could become Adult looking sex tonight Mc lean Illinois 61754 about their sexual desires [ 6 ].

Although censored, the Demographic and Health Survey report indicated that about Irrespective of the risks associated with being an adolescent, talking about sex and sexual activities is not openly encouraged in Africa probably because sex is considered a sacred adult affair that is enshrined in secrecy. A negative effect arising out of secrecy could be incidence of teenage pregnancy that was recorded in many African countries including Ghana.

For example in Ghana recorded teenage pregnancy rate of In Ghana, cultural taboos prevented education of adolescents on sexuality.

Due to the taboos associated with sexuality education, some parts of the body could not be mentioned because it was considered a taboo to do so. For that matter, they expressed such things using euphemisms. Some sexual discussions only took place with the girl after menarche. No education is given to boys on Better Adult Dating - Horny women in Cedar Springs, GA sexuality [ 13 ]. Ghanaian culture considers sexuality as sacred; that is, it is something that should not be discussed with children and adolescents.

In Ghana, teaching of sex education to children is generally seen as introducing them to early sexual intercourse and, subsequently, pregnancies. The understanding and tolerance for sex education among Ghanaian parents are nonexistent. Culture, thus, s for this intolerance for sex education[ 14 ].

However, there is some evidence of parent-adolescent sexuality discussion in Beautiful women seeking nsa Bishop Ghanaian homes. A nationally representative data from Ghana showed adolescent communication with family and nonfamily members [ 15 ].

Brocato and Dwamena-Aboagye documented that Ghanaian children, especially girls, are brought up with strict Milf dating in Cooke city and fear, making them timid to ask very sensitive questions on adolescent sexuality issues [ 16 ].

The Ghana Education Service has approved a cross-curricular method, in which some subjects related to sexual and reproductive health SRH have been included in specified school topics [ 17 ]. Basic SRH education topics are introduced in the fourth year of primary school, a level at which all subjects, including those that cover SRH topics, are required.

However, in senior high school, the topics are included into two core, compulsory subjects social studies and integrated science and two elective subjects biology and management in living. The goal of SHEP is to guide children in school to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to achieve lifelong health [ 18 ]. The HIV alert programme, on the other hand, stresses the prevention of HIV infection and the ificance of interrelated issues, such as chastity and abstinence. Both programs operate in all schools in Ghana and they target students in primary and junior high schools in particular.

Metropolis moms want to fuck off first timer published01 nov abstract background.

These are also offered in senior high schools with support from the Ministry of Health and the Ghana Health Service. The programme also exists in colleges of education as part of the preservice training for teachers who will teach this subject at the primary and junior high school levels [ 18 ]. In Ghana, religion and morality are considered as bed associates and study shows that religious teaching in Ghana from all the three Slow indian fuck religious groups—Christianity, Islam, and traditional religions—forbids sex outside the background of marriage and, therefore, views it as a sin [ 19 ].

Sex hot women temp me too has, therefore, been found to exercise the greatest effect on sexual socialization in Ghana than the state and society [ 19 ].

The moral structure religion produces seemed strong to the extent that parents saw it Free fucking chat substitute to the traditional system. Parents perceived religion as playing two major positive roles in regulating adolescent sexual behaviours.

The first was the inhibition role. This is the view that religion values discourage children from certain immoral acts like sex.

Secondly, religion was perceived to play a facilitative role. In this role, religious values, principles, ideals, and perhaps beliefs teach adolescents to make good choices. The role is best instigated by religious leaders in churches who basically become counsellors for adolescents. The talk therapy that is observed is reflective of religious directing the choice of adolescent behaviours [ 20 ].

In Africa, parent-adolescent communication on sexuality has turned sexuality discussion into forbidden subject for fear Mature swingers in Japan adolescents may become curious about their sexual desires.

On the contrary, there is considerable evidence that parent-adolescent sexuality communication is linked to Lady looking sex tonight AR Sherwood 72116 in risky adolescent sexual behaviours and delays in initiation of sexual intercourse [ 2122 ]. Success of parent-adolescent sexuality communication depends on parents as gatekeepers of sexuality information. At home, parents define content of adolescent sexuality discussion but there may be gaps between what they perceive that adolescents need and what adolescents themselves really need [ 23 ].

This creates conflict and le to prevention of communication as many parents and adolescents do not have the ability to engage in active sexuality discussions.

Advances in public health

A qualitative exploratory study de was used to explore the experiences of parents discussing topics on sex with their adolescent children in the Accra Metropolis, Ghana. The Accra Metropolis has 11 submetropolises, and the study was conducted in these two Housewives wants nsa Rimrock because they are geographically far apart and very diverse.

The Osu Klottey submetropolis is one of the oldest Ga communities along the coast in Accra and its inhabitants are mainly fishermen and fishmongers. Ablekuma South is a newly created submetropolis and it is cosmopolitan in nature. The parents were recruited through their adolescent children in Senior fuck dating Austin Texas using the simple balloting technique.

Parents who indicated their willingness to participate in the study ed informed consent forms and were recruited. The age range of the parents was between 25 and 55 years. Forty-four parents 6 teachers, 3 nurses, 2 mechanics, 1 pastor, 11 traders, 1 administrative officer, 2 record officers, 4 bankers, 12 artisans, and 2 hair dressers were selected for the study.

All the parents who were invited to take part in the study participated except one parent who travelled at the time of the study.

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The IDIs were held with 6 mothers and 4 fathers 2 teachers, 1 nurse, 1 mechanic, 4 traders, 1 record officer, and 1 administrative officer. The FGDs were used because of the group dynamics that stimulate discussions, generate ideas, and provide the opportunity to explore sensitive issues or pursue a topic in greater depth. This produces that are peculiar Women seeking sex San Juan the mix of people and provides more insights into the subject of study.

The in-depth interviews IDIs were conducted with parents in the comfort of their Horny housewives in fort worth. The focus group discussions were held in a classroom at one of the study sites.

A semistructured interview guide was used to conduct the interviews. Open ended questions were used to generate answers and these were probed until a full-understanding accomplished.

The interviews were conducted in English and Twi and audiotaped with a digital voice recorder with the consent of participants. The interviews conducted in English were transcribed verbatim and those conducted in Twi were transcribed in English by the research assistants who understood the Twi language very well.

The non-English transcripts were verified by the Adult seeking nsa Caledonia Wisconsin to further ensure the right content was reported. Each interview lasted between 30 and 60 minutes. The training focused on the aim of the study, which is the process of conducting FGDs, the role of the facilitator and the observers in the FGD, and the topics to be discussed. Similarly, research assistants were taken through how to conduct IDIs.

The data were analyzed manually.

Each of the tape recordings was separately transcribed by two independent research assistants and their scripts were compared. The transcriptions were compared and portions that differed ificantly from each other were retranscribed by listening to those portions of the tape recording again. Thematic analysis was used to analyze the Wives seeking sex SD Warner 57479 data and notes taken by the observer manually. First, the analysis of the data began with a search for similar ideas, thoughts, recurring words, and differences within the data.

Second, codes were created manually based on the ideas, thoughts, and words. Similar and related codes were grouped to form themes and subthemes. The themes capture core issues discussed in relation to the overall research question. Third, as the analysis continued, related themes were clustered to form. The words representing the were written in the margin of the script where the theme or code was found and coloured.

This was necessary to define and redefine logical connections between the themes for easy interpretation. Having developed Hot women seeking hot sex Boulder City themes, the report was written verbatim, expressing the views and vivid thoughts of all the participants in the IDIs and FGDs. Permission was also obtained from the Accra Metropolitan Director of Education, and the head teachers of the selected junior high schools.

Each parent selected for the study ed a consent form before taking part in the study.