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The researchers will incorporate all wind tunnel and later flight data into simulations of a full-scale BWB to evaluate the flying characteristics. The BWB shape allows unique interior des.

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Cargo can be loaded or passengers can board from the front or rear of the aircraft. A scale model of an early blended wing body de was tested in one of the Bot Langley wind tunnels. Over the past several years, wind tunnel and freeflight model tests have been conducted to study particular aerodynamic characteristics of the BWB de.

This shape helps to increase fuel economy and creates larger payload cargo or passenger areas in the center body portion of the aircraft. The BWB is a hybrid shape that resembles a flying wing, but also incorporates features from conventional transport aircraft. Text Size Blended Wing Body — A potential new aircraft de NASA and its industry partners are investigating a blended wing aircraft concept for potential use as a future air transport for both civilian and military applications.

Data obtained during these tests were used to develop computer performance models and flight control laws. Image above is artist concept of one version of the blended wing body aircraft.

The BWB airframe merges efficient high-lift wings with a wide airfoil-shaped body, allowing the entire aircraft to generate lift and minimize drag. The concept is called the blended wing body BWB. The cargo or passenger area is distributed across the wide fuselage, providing a large usable volume.

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Because it is a configuration that has only been looikng in military missions, there are a of critical questions that researchers must address before a BWB can be commercially certified. The BWB also has several control surfaces on the trailing edge, like the B-2, instead of the conventional tail assembly.

The primary goals of the research are to study the flight and handling characteristics of the BWB de, match the vehicle's performance with engineering predictions based on computer and wind tunnel studies, develop and evaluate digital flight controls, and assess the integration of the propulsion system to the airframe. Like the B-2, the BWB de uses composite materials that are stronger and lighter than conventional metal construction. At the NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, researchers tested five wind tunnel models of three versions of the BWB to evaluate the concept's aerodynamic, noise, stability and control, and spin and tumble characteristics.

An aircraft of this type would have a wingspan slightly greater than a Boeing and could operate from existing airport terminals. This combination offers several ohly over conventional tube-and wing airframes.

The BWB would also weigh less, generate less noise and emissions, and cost less to operate than an equally advanced conventional onoy aircraft. Future research must also address the wide, flat pressurized payload bay of the BWB.

For passengers in the interior of the craft, real-time video at every seat would take the place of window seats. Because of its efficient configuration, the BWB would consume over 20 vor less fuel than a comparable conventional aircraft flying at high subsonic cruise speeds over a 7, nautical-mile range.

is China's only military ally and is also known as a nuclear, missile and terror proliferator The innovative Boeing Blended Wing Body (BWB) research aircraft the pilot uses conventional aircraft controls and instrumentation while looking at a While a commercial passenger application for the BWB concept is not in. Get in touch with flame photometer experts, BWB Technologies, at any time necessary. Looking for MSDS or certificates? click here winning, market leading flame photometers, but our customer service does not stop after we make a sale! BWB only sell our products directly, or through regional distributors who have. Canard setting angle affects the value of lift-at-zero incidence of a BWB aircraft, although fairly small for current canard size that it is not adequate to produce.