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A risky film which contains a lot filmfan 27 October I wish to argue against the fact that the film exploits the bodies of women. Scenec lesbian who thinks 'Personal Best' is patronizing, really needs to see 'Making Love'.

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Swx, it is sexist by today's standards You see these people go through real changes, as logical, illogical, fickle and precarious as life can be. Few movies make me nostalgic, but 'Personal Best' does, very much so-- I wish I could time-warp back to Eugene in ! I do not argue that.

In this way, the makers may have attempted scencr make a film that was pleasurable to the male viewer. I thought it was an excellent film, that made an excellent social statement of the times.

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It is a movie in which to enjoy the characters more than the story, because the characters are so vivid. I do say that the end result was a film that handled the sexual situations very well, without exploitation.

Personal Best () – Beating The MenWatch PERSONAL BEST Now! its release for its scandalous (to some) same-sex love scenes, but its. But these days, a movie sex scene has to accomplish a lot more to be memorable​—especially when we've been so impressed by the earth-. Sure, sex scenes are often for titillation or simply to keep audiences at the encroachment of personal space or lack of care for the rules.

It is true that the movie was billed, in pressbook releases, as a sports movie featuring toned, "sexual" female bodies not zcence exact quote. Was this review helpful?

It's definitely a superior alternative to what gay men were presented with around the same time: 'Making Love', which is soap-opera cheesy and ruined poor Harry Hamlin's movie career before it could get much of anywhere and, to his credit, he is still proud of having done the role. Patrice Donnelly is one of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen.

This is a very realistic, documentary-like film, and not everybody wants that from a film.

The acting is top-notch, including the pesonal athletes in scripted parts. Best movie I've ever seen about sports and the competitive spirit illogic66 6 August This is a beautiful and understated film about people trying to get the best out of the interaction of their personal lives with their sports performance.

The only real way a film could be generally accepted by the public, at that time, would be by containing some sexual content to please the male perdonal. All around this film makes the athletes larger-than-life and gets under their skin in ways few films have ever done, and I'm not a sports-oriented person, let alone given to watching track-and-field.

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The relationship depicted between her and Hemingway is complex, intelligent and non-exploitative. If you want predictable, this isn't it: this film is human.

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Scott Glenn and Mariel Hemingway do some of their best work here. Just don't assume it's a 'typical' psrsonal relationship-- it's THEIR relationship and has its own progression with which some will identify and some won't. There is a lot of visual noise, especially obvious on dark backgrounds like the creditswhich was very disappointing to see-- it seems that a DVD release does not guarantee quality, just compatibility.

Too many feminist groups have identified with the powerful female figures inherent in this movie to really argue that the film exploits women. I would love ppersonal see this film restored to its full magnificence. The shot-put scene at the Olympic trial at the end is one of many marvelously-conceived sequences which literally make me feel like I'm in the action, as the athletes in slo-mo coil into position with the shot, getting perslnal with the camera just before they all spring forth at once in a nice feat of editing.

You have to consider at the time this film was made,it was arguably the first film to have an open lesbian relationship on the screen. It's got that 'natural' '70s vibe to it, and it is sometimes heartwarming to see people without cellphones or computers.

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But at least it's available, whereas the VHS is becoming very hard-to-find except on Amazon can't believe I've never even seen one at Goodwill. The DVD release of this film is a little confounding because, even though it's widescreen, the image quality is sfx not much better than a good VHS copy.