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Lange's Aperture magazinehowever, devoted one whole issue to the photojournalists' work. It shuttled people and goods eastward from Berryessa Valley to Winters, California and back. The Putah Creek Bridge, too well made to easily demolish, was left in place to be covered by the rising waters.

Within a year, the valley was filled with farmers who enjoyed mild winters and bountiful harvests, especially of wheat. Established trails made it possible for men, horses and cattle to find their way through the hills into Capay Valley.

Other plans were formulated. The cemetery was moved to Spanish Flat, a bluff overlooking the valley.

They were buried in Berryessa Valley. The well-engineered bridge survived franclsco swollen flood of Putah Creek every winter thenceforward. Residents started leaving the valley.

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Pomo people lived in relative ease on the rich land, as wildlife frqncisco plant foodstuffs were plentiful, but they were forcibly removed from their land by both Spanish and American Settlers. Vegetation in the valley was chopped down, fences torn down and buildings demolished. Berreyesa forced natives to help him manage his livestock—a herd which soon grew to 5, cattle and 20, horses, and extended eastward over Berryessa Peak into Capay Valley.

Inthe Mulholland-Goethals-Davis plan proposed a dam at Devil's Gate, the southeastern limit putss the valley.

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Miguel Santiago Berreyesa b.