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Seeking my life long partner Searching Fuck Titties

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Seeking my life long partner

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Theyre easier to relate to. I don't really have any woman friends.

Age: 55
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Since there are no rules, you need to ask yourself what you really want, which may be different with each relationship.

Someone might be polyamorous and have many partners that mt however long they naturally last. Do you desire gifts or public displays of affection when out?

Until recently, I never stopped to ask myself: Ljfe I want a life partner? After all, there are many alternatives to having a life partner.

Others might be serial monogamistswith one partner after the other. But to help you along the process of figuring it out, here are some s that having a life partner just is not for you.

Do you require you or them sleeping with only one person at a time or are you OK with many partners at one time? Others still may not want a partner at all.

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