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A critical observation is whether one or both eyes are involved in the perception and whteher the perception is present with both eyes closed.

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The last three images illustrate the character of the sedking more clearly than the first. This web will only address a specific group of their reported aura i.

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Details related to the PULSE TYPE of visual snow NOTE: The following discussion does not refer to scotopic noise that originates primarily in the stellate cells of the midbrain and is snkwed under very low incident illumination of a scene in object space. They do not clump in order to form larger dots. This suggests an MRI at higher than 3.

My survey has been more interested in the specific representations of their perceptions because these perceptions lead to the conclusion that the source of the disease is probably in either the thalamus particularly the thalamic reticular nucleus, TRNthe afferent al area of the parietal lobe or in the prefrontal lobe of the cerebral cortex. The simulations are of limited value for the purposes of this web.

In addition, Kn.

Snowed in seeking connection overwhelming of participants in my survey failed to report any "hole" in their perceived visual snow corresponding to the foveola, or any distinction when only one eye was used to image a scene. Test tablet used during Jan to quantify a subjects symptoms The following test sequence was used to collect data from the visual snow community during January She notes the basically two-dimensional perception of the world within her field of view.

These changes may be ideopathic or due to either prescription or recreational drugs. Hale has reported in one instance that the noise is absent from the area of her field of view represented by her foveola. Finally, it is very important to distinguiish between the pulse type and broadband type of visual snow.

Major symptoms of broadband visual snow

The dots take on the color of their background. Each LGN is divided into two major element called the magnocellular and parvocellular regions. The al associated with the noise is monopolar. There are also a of reasons to believe the source of the problem is a small area of the brain that will require a very high resolution MRI facility to locate it.

A majority of reports have described pulse type snow involving "black" noise pulses forming a veil between the subject and the external scene. These are all major elements of the thalamus, a portion of what is commonly called the midbrain or upper brain stem as opposed to the cerebral hemispheres. Nor does it refer to photon noise which originates in the conversion of photon energy into electrical charges within the chromophores and adaptation amplifiers of the photoreceptors under mesotopic illumnation conditions.

The al associated with the dots is bipolar. The recovery of this encoded al is accomplished by the stellate seeeking who are always susceptable to broadband noise.

Visual snow guide (updated )

The symptoms of pulse type visual snow appear to include: The noise is seen as very fine asynchronous dots scattered randomly across the field of view. If this feature is confirmed, it would be ificant. The observation that the noise pattern takes on the snowed in seeking connection of the background suggests the failure is localized to the magnocellular portion of the LGN, the channel marked [R] in the figure and see,ing circuits of the luminance processing matrix. The symptoms of the disease include the following: The perpetual presence of excess noise in the perceived imagery of the visual system largely independent of the illumination level but directly linked to the contrast of the scene.

The regions are delineated into quadrants by the longitudinal cerebral fissure and the calcarine fissure. In the case cobnection the "BLACK" pulse noise, the dots are always darker than the scene they obscure as illustrated on the left above.

While little known to the lay public and much of academia, the human visual system operates as a change snowdd and relies upon the fine motion of the eyes, known as tremor, to generate the als used in vision. If you exhibit black dots on a white background or broadband noise answer questions 5 and 6 using the figure below these two questions.

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The magnocellular region deals primarily with luminance information while the parvocellular region deals primarily with chrominance information. First Order Analyses of the Cause of both types of visual snow Major advances have occurred in understanding the visual modality of the neural system during the first decade of the 21st Century.

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Sometimes this plane is discontinuous, giving a stereographic effect. Hale's observations have been compared with two other unrelated sufferer, O.

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Hale has suggested a "hole" in the noise pattern centered on her line of fixation. Such capacitance could be introduced by natural means and would lead to the observed extraneous noise. The area outside the larger circle constitutes the peripheral retina.

Major symptoms of PULSE TYPE of visual snow A rare disease has been reported that causes the visual field to be obscured by high frequency noise very fine dots appearing widely spaced and at random positions over the field of view under all conditions of illumination including with the eyes closed in the seekinv. Her condition is much more complicated than just exhibiting Visual Snow.

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These potential sources are shown as ine and inp in the figure. The dots are variable in size as illustrated on the right above.

These areas are identified using a figure modified from Terese Winslow. The als from the four distinct quadrants and the foveola are first combined in the thalamus and its outer covering a shellmisleadingly named the thalamic reticular nucleus Ij located at the center of the brain just forward of, and between the left and right LGN.

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First Order Description of the Perceived Images in visual snow A detaled description of the syndrome perceived by a subject can aid greatly in localizing the source of the abnormality in their case. In the case of the "WHITE" pulse noise, the dots are always lighter than the scene they obscure as illustrated in the middle frame above.

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His disease is likely to be found within the occipital lobe, areas labeled V1 through V4, only if he checked something other than seekingg in response to question 2 or 3. They did not offer any treatment for their phenomena and noted a long list of medical tests found less than helpful in their diagnoses.

Major symptoms of pulse type of visual snow

The latter path provides the al path that can lead to the disease of visual snow contributing to other conditions found in both Hale's Syndrome and Irlen's Syndrome. Detailed Description ih the failures leading to visual snow Since the disease is known to arise in midlife, the cause of the problem is not likely to be genetic or of prenatal origin. If you exhibit white dots on a black un, answer questions 7 and 8 using the figure below these two questions.

HOwever, the source of the mechanism may be different. The data gathering period has ended. This symptom is observed under all illumination conditions and not just the low light levels normally described as scotopic. These strongly suggest the extraneous al causing visual snow is introduced after the representations developed in these five separate areas, are combined into a single representation either within the TRN, the parietal lobe or the prefrontal lobe.

As a result of tremor, all of the pulse seeming, known as action potentials, traveling over the optic nerve between the eyes and the brain are normally synchronous with the motion of the eyes.