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The operation had been almost a complete failure, sinking two patrol craft and damaging one cruiser and one destroyer, in exchange for serious damage to a battlecruiser, while the damage done to the naval establishments at Yarmouth and Lowestoft was light. This uarmouth that the British Fleet was still divided, giving rise to optimism that the operation would go off as planned, despite the mining of Seydlitz.

We will find the closest match from your location anonymously. He turned away south, attempting to draw the German ships after him away from Lowestoft but they did not follow.

Asian escorts are below.

With luck, the German battlecruisers could engage the south-east force and after defeating it would run back to the north-west, meeting the northern group in the area around Terschelling Bank. Atthe battlecruiser Seydlitz—in the vanguard of the reconnaissance force—struck a mine just north-west of Nordeneyin an area swept the night before.

The destruction of the harbours and other military establishments of both towns yarmoufh assist the German war effort, even if the raid failed to bait the British heavy units. Atthe British fleet had been placed on two hours readiness and at were ordered to sail south from Scapa Flow. The Grand Fleet had encountered heavy seas and made slow progress coming south, leaving its destroyers behind because of the weather.

More information arrived atwhen an intercepted wireless message gave the information yarmoutu they were headed for Yarmouth. April At noon on 24 April, German forces were in place and the operation began.

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This had ly been avoided, because in the clear weather the ships risked being sighted from the islands breat Rottum and Schiermonnikoog and their movements reported to the British. Athe had located smoke from the ships, but was ordered to abandon the chase and return home.

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If successful, the High Seas Fleet would be able to destroy ificant elements of the British fleet before the main body of the British Grand Fleet could assist, reducing or eliminating the Royal Navy's numerical superiority. One German submarine was destroyed and another captured when it became beached at Harwich. Two U-boats were sent ahead to Lowestoft, while others were stationed off, esforts laid mines in, the Firth of ForthScotland.

The German airships, having dropped their bombs, returned to the bombardment force.

Beautiful Escorts who live in Manchester - United Kingdom, We have Escorts in Verified. 14th May at the Merchants Hotel in Manchester ~~V~~ TS Escort. When the mayor told Mr. B. he was at liberty to retire, he requested an escort might be sent with which they had sixty - two members, among (2) Journal, Vol. v. p. whom S. King, John Sewell, J. Pope, SECOND. ] 79 IN YARMOUTH. Find the perfect vintage great yarmouth stock photo. Vintage Photographic Postcard of a Religious Procession With a Police Escort. Posted From Great.

Eight Zeppelin airships would, after dropping their bombs, provide reconnaissance for the battlecruisers, which would conduct rescue operations, should an airship be lost over the water. Seydlitz returned to the river Jadeaccompanied by two yarmohth and Zeppelin L To avoid other possible mines and submarines, the battlecruiser force altered course to a route along the coast of East Friesland.

Lowestoft was a base of operations for minelaying and sweeping, while Yarmouth was a base for the submarines that disrupted German movements in the Heligoland Bight.

Visibility over land was poor, the winds were unfavourable and the towns were better defended than had yaarmouth thought. Nor had six British submarines stationed off Yarmouth and six more off Harwich. The crews were rescued and taken prisoner and aroundthe German Naval Staff passed on reports from Flanders of intercepted wireless transmissions instructing British ships to coal and then proceed to Dunkirk.

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The ships then moved off to Yarmouth but fog made it difficult to see the target. If the British did not take the bait, then merchant ships could be captured and British units off the coast of Belgium destroyed. The mission had been abandoned and the ships returned north to port, so that on 24 April the main body of the Grand Fleet was gfeat its home bases of Rosyth for the battlecruiser squadron and Scapa Flow for the remainder of the Grand Fleet.

Atanother message indicated that British patrol boats off the Belgian coast were heading back to harbour, which was interpreted as confirmation that British submarines had reported the German movements. As the German ships headed for home, yaarmouth avoided submarine attacks, encountering only two neutral steamers and some fishing vessels. A principal part of his strategy was to make raids into British waters to lure British forces into battle, in conditions advantageous to the Germans.

Background[ edit ] Recruitment poster making the most of reaction to German air raids In FebruaryAdmiral Reinhard Scheer escotrs commander-in-chief of the German High Seas Fleet and commenced a new campaign against the Royal Navy. You need to search for a city or an adress. The German battlecruiser squadron had failed to take advantage of its superior s to engage the British light cruisers and destroyers present at Lowestoft.

Search close to you You need to search for a city or an adress. The Germans intended to sneak out between the two forces to bombard the English coast and then attack whichever British force showed first.

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The Zeppelins that had bombed NorwichLincolnHarwich and Ipswich had been fired on escortw British ships but none had been damaged. Only a few shells were fired before reports arrived that a British force had engaged the remainder of the German ships and the battlecruisers broke off to re them.

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Here the battlecruisers would attack the second British group from the south and the main body of the High Seas Fleet would attack from the north. Boedicker failed to follow the retreating ships, assuming they were faster and probably concerned whether other, larger vessels might be about. It was assumed that the British greeat now be alerted to the movements of the German ships.